Why Someone’s Opinion Of You Doesn’t Determine Who You Are

Everybody Paints Their Own Painting

What others think of your character doesn’t define who you are since your perception of self-worth should not be influenced by their opinions of you. As we grow older we are influenced by other people’s opinions as we desire to be accepted and feel at home. However, as we grow older and build self-esteem and confidence, it doesn’t be a concern for others to think about us. Let me make it clear by that it is essential that our peers accept us however, we shouldn’t put the self-esteem of others in their hands. Self-acceptance helps us to reconnect with the core of who we are and provides us with feedback about the person we are as individuals. However, it shouldn’t determine our self-worth since our individuality is more important than the opinions of others.
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What do you think? Are you in agreement, that with others’ opinions? does not determine what you are, as long as you don’t allow to allow it? Unfortunately, many people are affected by the opinions of those close to them, including family, friends and even work colleagues. Particularly, family members have the most influence on our lives, and can undermine our self-worth. I have friends from different societies where parents are a major factor in determining the path to a career for their kids. While their intentions are noble but it’s a shame to the name of the family if the child does not pursue an honorable profession like an attorney, doctor or doctor. Do you find this a thing that you identify with in your own family or in your culture? If yes what did you do to deal with it ? Did it affect your self-worth?

Everybody has an opinion about what others should do in their lives, but seldom do they look at their personal lives. As an instructor and speaker, I’ve yet to meet anyone who is able to keep all things in place. I’m referring to that in the most positive way because our lives are an ongoing process and we might never achieve our maximum potential. This is the reason we shouldn’t criticize others, as everyone is creating their own masterpiece the best as they can. In my early years of adulthood I was constantly worried over the opinion of other people and this affected my self-esteem and confidence. What they believed I should be wasn’t something I could achieve and I was hurt trying to be the person they thought I was.

Then, the relationships disintegrated due to the fact that I didn’t want to sacrifice my self-worth in order in order to please them. I acted in accordance with my values of the moment even when it required me to make myself a mess. It was crucial that I discover my own way instead of conforming to the opinions of others of me. Unfortunately, very few people are aware of how to conduct your daily life. They might claim they know the best thing for you, but in reality it’s a perception of what’s best to you. We have to choose our own way since that is the way we grow and learn as individuals. It is difficult to watch a loved one commit a mistake that is not necessary however, they could be essential to their own development.

We discover our true Potential Even in Our Darkest Moments

Our goal is not to take away their problems, but to provide them with assistance and motivation to help them get through it. It can be difficult particularly if the person is dependent on alcohol or is experimenting with drugs, and we do not want them to be in this situation. I don’t claim to have all the answers however I do know that emotionally-based support can be the most effective method to help people get through their struggles. What do you think of this so far? I’m sure that you have a lot of thoughts and questions about the information you’ve read. I suggest you write down your thoughts and then sit with them for a couple of days to discover what comes up.

We shouldn’t let the opinions of others to define who we are since their opinions are not truth. Naturally, our life’s path will change as we grow older, and we’ll experience numerous lows and highs when it may seem like our lives is spinning beyond control. However, this is part of the process to find our true self hidden in the rubble of disappointment, failure, and dead-ends. It’s part of being overwhelmed and feeling desperate in the midst all of our situations. I’m sure of it, as I’ve been there and understand how difficult it can be to feel like the only one in your personal life. In the years that followed, I felt an increase in consciousness that resulted in breakthroughs within my own life. I gained new understandings about my life in those times of desperation. Sometimes, suffering and pain can force us to change and evolve, which means that life will take us to where it is needed to.

We shouldn’t be able to resist these situations and instead, embrace our issues with complete conviction. Only we can determine our own self-esteem. It could mean going in one direction, but then getting to the bottom, and we can discover our full potential even in the darkest of times. Therefore, whether you’re facing difficulties or challenges, or helping loved ones navigate their struggles, take note of the direction they’re taking you. Do not get involved in the pain since it’s temporary and will soon disappear in the event that you remain in a true faith. If we let opinions of others define our character, we’re less likely to live a true life. The most tragic thing is following in the footsteps of someone’s opinions of us are not important.