What You Can Learn About Yourself From An Office Luncheon

Who would have thought? I don’t usually go to office lunches, but yesterday was a retreat and lunch for one of the guys, so I felt compelled to go. I ended up trading the good for the not so good.
I asked one of the guys that I really like if I could ride with him. He said “sure” and that was a lot of fun as we rarely get to talk together as we work in this large open room. But we got to the place before the others and the boy she was with left at the end of the table. So of course they didn’t end up being the ones I would have chosen to sit on, at least on one side. For one thing, it was okay and I had fun hounding the guy about the rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox. But on the other side and louder someone ended up sitting with us which really opened my eyes. Visit:- https://www.yankeejournal.com/
I listened to this person the entire time and wondered which of those qualities that I was scared of was also in me. You see, we attract people who are just like us. Notice that I didn’t say that we attract people we like. It’s simply that the people around us have characteristics that we don’t necessarily want to have. That was what I found out yesterday.
When I got home from work, after feeling saturated with the sensation of fingers scratching a blackboard, I sat down, took out my paper, and [Person annoyed at talking to others] made a list of what drove me crazy during that experience. . I just wrote fast. Then I looked at the entire list and put checkmarks next to those qualities that I realized were inside of me as well.
Then I went back through the list and put question marks for qualities that I wasn’t sure were within me or not (although they are most likely there).
Then I went to my computer and made a list of denials using each of those qualities as the basis for a denial. I followed that by creating affirmations that would embed the qualities that I really wanted to have within myself. However, for the next 3-5 days, I will just say the denials over and over again throughout the day.
After that, I will say the denials followed by affirmations for as long as it feels good AND I notice the beginning of some changes in me.
Why not take advantage of what I have learned so that the next time you have an experience like mine, you can make the most of it? Do you know what else I did? I thanked the Universe for allowing this to happen to me; of course, I used my Gratitude Journal to record that gratitude.