Website Vs Blog

The first-time user of the internet is usually confused by the word blogs and websites. What is the difference? Which one should I select or choose to start with? What are the benefits of a site and of blogs? Answers to all of these concerns are given within this post.

What’s a Website?

A website is a collection or interconnected pages on a domain using the standard HTML, PHP and more..

What is a Blog?

A blog can also be a website but uses the Content Management System (CMS) similar to WordPress.

Benefits, Advantages/Differences of a Blog over a Website

A website is usually very official with an easy to understand business approach. A blog on the other hand can be described as a diary online. The blogger is a regular writer about a particular topic, and readers are invited to contribute their ideas on each subject article the blogger writes. Here people can speak friendly and less formal. It helps build strong relationships.

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A blog or a website are both useful. It’s not a matter of which one is better, however which is more appropriate for your reason online. It’s what you want to achieve that will determine which one to choose. Both work in tandem.

Below are some advantages/differences of a blog compared to a website.

Blogs are cheap to set up

Because all fingers are not equal The primary benefit of a blog compared to web-based sites is that it’s less expensive to develop. With $20 (max.) you can have a hosted WordPress blog, but it’s quite different for a website. If you cannot afford $20 for the domain and hosting services, you could of course start by using a free web hosting service even though it’s not the best, however you could begin with it without spending any money. There is a decent free hosting option from blogger, owned by Google. Blogger lets you connect your blog to a Google AdSense account. In this way, you will receive your hosting for free , and you can also earn money. Cool right? It was my opinion too, except that it is not the ideal way to conduct seriously blogger (professional).

Blogs are cheap to maintain

Because running a blog does not in all cases require you possessing a particular skill, almost anyone can run a blog, however, to create the creation of a website, you’ll need HTML and website designing skills.

The ease of establishing a blog has resulted in the over 130 million blogs that are available online currently, and the number grows daily, as thousands people who never could have had the funds to create a website are using blogs, and in some cases making a profit through it.

Blogs are easy to modify

To make a post on your blog, all you need to need to do is sign in to the blog’s dashboard create your content, and press publish. In a few moments your blog article will be available to everyone who visits the blog site to browse. For an unresponsive website, for uploading an article, first have to launch your editor, FrontPage, Dreamweaver e.t.c. create your article, and then edit the page’s properties before you upload the page using FTP software. Depending on the method you used, it may take months before your site is found by Google.

Blogs can be used to write text as well as audio and video. It is possible to have it online in a matter of minutes, but this isn’t the case for a website. You’ll have to spend the money each time you want to make a change to your website , if you do not have the expertise of managing static website.

Blogs organizes itself

Blogs automatically categorizes their contents by date and categories. And with a blog built-in search, readers and search engine spiders are able to easily conduct a search on your blog and find what they are searching for. When you have a static site, you have to personally organize your website’s pages.

Blogs can be Ping

Blogs can be “pinged” so that Google is alerted whenever you publish new content and check your blog in order to index it. This is also possible on static websites but you’ll have to spend more time than you have to create an SEO-focused blog. Optimization (SEO) in order to make sure that your blog appears in search results.

Search Engines Love Blogs

Blogs are a favorite of search engines because of it regular fresh content , since that’s what readers search for on the internet. Search engines will not earn millions if the readers don’t get regular, fresh material to browse through. Thus, blogs are more likely to get indexed easily and in time than a static website.

Search engines also make blogs appear higher up in search displays over static websites due to the fact that they have new content. Static website though could contain some articles however they are designed to market products or services.And they may not be continuously updated for months. Website designers are more focused on the appearance of their website rather than the content that is on their websites and optimizing SEO to gain the most traffic.

Blogs allow users to freely express themselves through Comment Feed

The Comment Feeds in blogs provide the opportunity for people to communicate in a relaxed manner and engage with other people, thus building trust and a relationship between your readers and you. That is the purpose of blogging. Once they believe in you, you are real to them as a professional in your domain. Therefore, in the future, when you propose or provide them with any product (s) for sale you will be able to count on large numbers patronizing you. Which at the end of all is for us to blog, or at least the reason why the majority of us write blogs – to advertise and earn money. A static website doesn’t allow this, even if it does, discussions are generally formal.

However, to encourage readers to make comments, you must regularly provide what they could be able to comment on, which is valuable content.

It takes time to blog since you’ll have to update your blog regularly with the latest information.

Website or a Blog, which one should I choose at this point?

It all depends on what it is you want to accomplish. This is why I’ve highlighted the strengths, benefits and weaknesses of a blog so that you can determine which will help you achieve your goals.

If you’re a total beginner online it is better to start by creating a blog. Make use of it as a learning curve. In the present, there’s nothing you’d like to achieve that you can’t accomplish through blogging.

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