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Many people are struggling financially today. Due to the current recession it is a relief to have a job, while others have had the unfortunate experience of being dismissed. There are fewer and fewer people with dental insurance, and those who have insurance find that their plans are very limited in how much they pay. It’s easy to forget about your teeth in the present, and yet you can only last so long before they start losing some of their teeth. Because some people aren’t willing to ignore their teeth so they are searching at alternatives, like moving outside of the USA in order to avail the low cost options available for dental care. This emerging industry is commonly described as dental tourism. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of dental tourism.

In addition, there is the cost factor. Outside of the United States, dentistry costs between 20 to 40% of what you would be charged for the same job at home. This is a huge plus, and is the primary reason for dental tourism. Certain people require expensive procedures and enjoy significant savings. For instance, a complete dental restoration with 28 crowns as well as a few root canals can cost over $40,000 in the USA while in Europe it could be less than $7,000. For some, they just require just a few root canals, and 3 or 4 crowns. In the US they could pay $7-8,000, whereas in Europe it could cost $1200-1,500. It doesn’t require a lot of dental work to accumulate thousands of dollars.

Minimize the cost of travel and time away. A visit to the dentist in your area is much more practical. You don’t need to take the time off from your job, and the expense of getting there is not a major expense. To go to a dentist abroad requires the cost of airfare, unless you live near the border. It could also take a week of vacation time as well as the costs associated with hotel rooms. Visit:-

The person must weigh the costs and determine if it is worth the expense. There is a big reason why the majority of dental travel is done in Tijuana, Mexico, rather than to Asia, and Central America. Flights to San Diego, CA is cheap, and Tijuana is easy to get to from San Diego Airport. In fact, many Tijuana dental clinics will arrange for a person to pick their patients from the Airport. Hotels are significantly less expensive in Tijuana. Because most dental clinics can perform almost any major work in an entire week, you could figure around $350 in airfare and travel expense and $300 for lodging with $150 meals (although a certain amount of that you would spend eating at home). So a trip to the dentist may cost you about $800. If you’re hoping to save over $2,000 on the difference in dental expenses, you would save $1200 after expenses. One root canal using a crown and post could cost more than $2,000 in the US but would be a little more than 500 dollars in Tijuana. Add a couple of fillings and your savings will be more than $1800. Therefore, even with a small amount of dental work in Mexico it may be well worth the savings.

Additionally, the quality. Dental tourism has been successful due to the fact that dentists working abroad have excellent education with top equipment and provide high-quality services. They are subject to health regulations which they must adhere to and although the clinic may not be fancy, the facilities are clean and safe, and they have the equipment they need to get their job completed. Yes, there are dentists out of the country who do poor work, but there are also dental professionals in the USA who do poorly work. Sometimes , in the US there is a sense that all they’re concerned about is money. It is important to be cautious whenever they travel. Numerous dentists in US have even been guilty of over prescribing treatment similar to a scammed car mechanic, telling patients that they must perform procedures that are not needed. It could happen anyplace however, therefore one should research and confirm references. Although it’s almost impossible to locate an US dentist to provide you with names of patients to refer to but, it is a good thing that most dentists from Tijuana will have the names of US patients who have agreed to accept being contacted to serve as references. Since people are more cautious when it comes to visiting a dentist in another country, dental professionals in Tijuana are usually asked by patients to serve as references. US dentists are known to claim patient confidentialityand it’s assumed that since the fact that they’re “American” dentists, they are good, however they might not be. However, it is true that they must be consulted, in the US or abroad regarding references, and if they won’t give them, do not go there.

Minus: inconvenience if there are problems. Any dentist who is good, whether at home or abroad, should provide a guarantee on their work. The issue is, when the dentist is located situated in a different country, a return trip will be much more costly. This is an enormous disadvantage when it comes to dental travel. So again, a person needs to take this into account and put into the calculation. .This could be another factor that explains why that most people seeking abroad dental treatment stay away from far-off places. Going to Tijuana is no harder than getting to San Diego. If you do have to return, it’s not that bad. If you’re prepared examine the dental references of your dentist and you allow the proper time to get the job done there shouldn’t be any problems. However, if you need to go back for an issue fixed or corrected, you must take that into consideration.

Should you travel abroad to take advantages of dental tourism or do you prefer to stay with your local dentist? You have to make that decision. If it boils down to spending a significant amount of money you cannot afford in order to protect your smile or lose your teeth, as compared to spending only one-third of that amount in addition to the inconvenience of having to travel to Mexico increasingly people have made the decision. They are flocking south in droves. Dental tourism does make more sense. It’s a breeze to take a trip to Tijuana to keep your smile looking good.