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Many people have had Botox injections. It’s a relatively painless procedure that involves injecting botulism-related proteins toxic substances in the skin. This helps reduce and smooth wrinkles and crow’s feet. Botox is a method of paralyzing certain facial muscles, giving the face an even, smooth appearance. But, it’s not a permanent solution and will require regular injections to maintain the appearance.

Who is eligible to become Botox certified?

Answer to the question differs between states. In general doctors, DOs (Doctors of Osteopathy), physicians’ assistants, nurses and nurse practitioners are able to become Botox certified. It is also possible for those known as aestheticians to be Botox certified.

It is important to know that only doctors are able to purchase Botox and it has to be administered by the doctor or someone who is who is under the supervision of the physician.

What exactly is Botox certification?

This is a problem that isn’t easy to answer. Only one expert organization that has the authority to approve people for Botox treatments. It’s The International Association For Physicians In Aesthetic Medicine (IAPAM). The Association claims to be the leading organization in the world for doctors botox for sale who practice minimally invasive aesthetic medicine. It provides MDs PAs, DOs, RNs and NPs through a comprehensive hands-on Botox instruction delivered by certified cosmetic dermatologists with board certification.

The IAPAM offers its training over two days, usually over the course of a weekend. After the two days, all who attended will be certified by the Association.

In addition, there are various forms of Botox certifications. You can become Botox certified through an intensive two-day course at a college or an Institute that specializes in Botox training. For instance, The Esthetic Skin Institute (ESI) gives professionals the chance to earn Botox certification. There are other organizations that can certify individuals to administer Botox injections. Two of them include the National Laser Institute and the MesoAesthetic Training Institute.

Who is eligible to become Botox certified?

Plastic surgeons are the most likely to be Botox certified. They may arrange for employees be Botox certified. Dos (Doctors of Osteopathy) are also able to become certified.

Find out if you can find training in your state

Utilizing Botox to make patients appear and appear younger is an increasingly popular field. It is not usually covered by insurance , and may cost up to $500 per session. The procedure is simple and risk-free if you have adequate training for administering the injections. But, as with any medical procedure, Botox comes with some risk because “botched” injections can paralyze certain facial muscles. For instance, actress Dana Delany had a botched Botox procedure which left her with an eye that was droopy. Reality TV star Kate Gosselin also got a botched Botox procedure that caused her to look a little odd, but her issue was fixed.

If you’re a doctor and you are looking to get Botox certification, but aren’t sure which training institution to attend or where to send your patients to get it – you can contact the state medical association of your state and request suggestions. You can contact the American Society of Plastic Surgeons to find out more information, or look into your state’s medical school.

Up until a few years ago, getting Botox certified was a challenge to obtain. Although Botox accreditation is readily available however, you must ensure you select the correct program to acquire the techniques needed to provide the best treatment. There are online courses for certification available, but you must research them to make sure you receive the knowledge and hands-on experience that necessary to perform this type of medical procedure.