The Sony PS4 Games Console Technical Details

After its awe-inspiring performance during the E3 entertainment fair, Sony has revealed the specifications of its next Generation PlayStation 4 games console. It is set to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox One, these details will help us get closer to understanding the complete capabilities of the new console.

The first section of this article examined the main processor and graphics processors internal RAM, storage and the Blu-ray optical drive that is integrated. This article will focus on the audio and video output, connectivity specifications as well as The DualShock 4 controller and the available accessories, both optional and included. are available.

Video and Audio Output

In the days before PS3 as well as Xbox 360 were released, analog connections were the most popular method of connecting your console to your television. The advancement of technology in display has been in alarming speed in the last few years which is why the PS4 only comes with digital outputs. For video the HDCP-encrypted HDMI connection is your only choice, while for audio, there’s as well, in addition to audio via the HDMI output an Toslink SPDIF optical connector. Visit:-

Wired and Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connectivity available on the PlayStation 4 will be in the form of built-in 802.11 wireless network connectivity b/g/n as well as integrated Bluetooth 2.1. Wireless connections are in the basis of an gigabit Ethernet port (also backwards compatible with 10BASE T and 100BASE-TX) as well as two USB 3.0 ports, and an auxiliary port that is specifically designed for connecting with the PlayStation Camera motion sensor.

This controller (see below for more information) utilizes Bluetooth 2.1+EDR technology in order to establish an internet connection. However, the USB port is able to be used to charge and for playing games that have the battery being low. The USB ports keep a charge regardless of whether the controller is turned off.


DualShock 4 is the new standard PS4 controller that comes with a number of improvements over its predecessor that was the DualShock 3. The first one is a built-in capacitive touchscreen that can be clicked on its front. A different feature that is new is a light bar that runs across its front. It can display various colors and is utilized for the identification of players in games with multiple players or to show a the battery’s level is low. The light bar can also be utilized by the camera on the outside to determine the amount of the depth and movement of the device. Motion detection is improved using the three-axis gyroscope as well as the three-axis accelerometer, as well as an improved vibration function are also available.

Certain buttons have been redesigned. Both the START button and the SELECT one were taken away and replaced with one OPTIONS button, while the SHARE button was added, possibly to permit the upload of images or video footage from their games. The triggers and joysticks are also being redesigned.

The controller comes with an 3.5mm stereo jack as well as micro USB port to charge and connecting to consoles when there’s not enough battery to play wirelessly.

In terms of backward compatibility between controllers, PlayStation Move controllers will be compatible with the new console, but DualShock 3 controllers DualShock 3 will not be compatible with PS4. Sony will provide one free PS4 controller along with the console, and additional controllers available for purchase for purchase at US$59 or GBPPS44.


Alongside in addition to the DualShock 4 wireless controller (see above) Additionally, the Sony PS4 will come with an unlocked mono headset that can be connected to the controller. Although the headset is mono however, the connection jack on the controller can be capable of sending out stereo signals.

An HDMI cable is also included in PS4’s PS4 package, however because there are no analog ports on the console, there are no other video cables provided, however the buyer may be able to purchase a digital-to-analogue converter if it is the only connectivity choice available to them.

It is expected that the PlayStation 4 Eye camera will not be part of the retail bundle, however, it will be available as an add-on priced at $59 USD, or PS54 GBP.