The Real Standard for the Existence of God

In response to the question “Is God real?” You are asked to verify the state of existence of the concept of God against the criteria of the existence of the actual concept. This means both that there is a standard in the concept of reality and that it is known. Another question is, “Is this what I am aiming for?” It is about the problem of verifying the existence of the actual physical, with the same criteria used to evaluate the notion of God. But can it be done? Yes, I can!

Humans; Like all forms of living things, we need to be aware of what is physically present. Why? Because the survival of biological organisms depends on the consumption of physical things! How are biological organisms responsible for the physical? They feel them! All biological organisms have sensory mechanisms that are aware of their physical needs for survival and respond to those needs. Necessity is determined by the nature of things and is defined as the state of life necessary for their survival. One of the things that provides survival needs is called value. Survival value; then it is identified by the beneficial effects of the biological entity on life. Without profit, value is not realized. Visit:-
The aspect of survival that makes you feel it is the nature (or fact) of its physical properties. Facts are identified by directly physically stimulating the expansion of the senses of the brain or by questioning their effects on other physical facts. The facts are absolute. In other words, your identity is in line with reality. The fact is what they are. They are (cannot) be different from what they are. All facts (including related relationships) are called real. Facts are the physical aspects of nature. Its characteristic is the spiritual being that arises from abstraction. Properties are the spiritual aspects of the physical existence of an object. The act of identification is the act of extracting information from reality. Your product is a feature. Abstraction is a mental approach through the mind of the brain to identify the events that the brain perceives. Facts represent the actual (or true) state of existence. When asked to assess the actual state of existence of an object (or idea), it is the fact of reality that is the ultimate deciding factor. Reality is neither a place nor a thing. It is a state of existence. If things meet the definition of the notion of fact, it exists as a real physical being. And the quality that comes from it is a true spiritual being. Properties are mental units that represent the facts that the brain asks (detects). Ask the question, “Is God real?” This is equivalent to the question, “Are there any physical facts in nature that produce features that support the idea that the concept of God is real and therefore true?” Facts are physical in nature. Its characteristics are intelligent. Sentence; because facts are real, their abstractions are inevitably true. It’s the same. You cannot have one in the absence of the other. Thinking about the facts of nature is the same as recognizing the truth. Knowledge exists in nature as a fact and is owned by the mind when it is formed into a concept. The concept of realizing reality consists of abstractions that arise from the brain’s perception of reality (that is, its physical stimuli).
Life becomes apparent when the brain recognizes (that is, becomes physically conscious) the effects of the electrochemical processes of life on other physical things in reality. The brain finds that the processes described by life first attract (or acquire) natural resources from nature, then consume them from nature, and then convert them into new substances and return them to nature. .. At the basic level of nature, this process is self-sustaining and self-generating. This is what we call life. Life exists infinitely in the physical universe. But: due to evolutionary pressure; the life of living things has become dependent on living things. Life relies on its biological host for its electrochemical process to obtain the natural natural resources needed for its continued functioning. If the human host does not meet the natural resource needs of their life processes, those processes cease to function and humans die. It says that by identifying the natural resources needed for the electrochemical processes of your life, you understand what the value is. Act rationally. Then it means acting according to the requirements of your own life process. Intellectually, it means identifying the physical value your life process needs; physically, only act on what is guided by information to get the physical value. Means to do. The principle of “appropriate behavior” specifies the survival behavior of an individual