The Burlingame Endgame Murders Dilemma

The classic mystery, “Who killed Cock Robin? ” has led to the creation of numerous appealingly plot-driven literary works over the past two centuries, that the writers of the future have endeavored to give the mind of the reader a variety of murder-related scenarios that they can contemplate in the hopes of figuring out. Although a lot of Americans have a long time of their time studying Agatha Christie, James Patterson Dashiell, Patterson, and other contemporary authors of murder mysteries, a few horrifying real-life murders, ranging from in the range of 3000-plus were committed on the 11th of September, 2001 on one day, which required at least the same degree of deductive reasoning as well as a thorough forensic investigation to unravel. Sixty-four of these murders could be filed under the title, “The perplexing Burlingame Endgame Murders” named after the command pilot of the American Airlines Flight 77, as well as the fifty-eight passengers and other five members of the crew on board the Boeing 757.

Then, of course, that intriguing final part of a chess contest that requires a particular focus on the details. This, according to an official from the government of America, was was sucked into the west wall the Pentagon at allegedly 9:37 a.m. on 9/11 with the help of an Arab hijacker named Hani Hanjour. Visit:-

My thought processes were acutely stimulated when I was watching the Larry O’Connor Show, on WMAL, 105.9 FM, on Tuesday September 11 17. During that radio show, I was enthralled, if not entirely puzzled by the words of Debra Burlingame, the youngest sister of deceased Flight 77 pilot, Charles Burlingame regarding what she claims took place on September 11, 2001 at the Pentagon. Debra, supposedly a veteran lawyer, has, from 9/11, consistently recited the federal version of what transpired on Flight 77, a scheduled American Airlines Boeing 757 jet flight that flew from Washington, DC to Los Angles, California being hijacked during flight and then flown by the high-jacker, Hanjour, into the Pentagon, asserting her brother, along with the other 63 crew members and passengers , who were named on the American Airlines Flight 77 manifest and were killed as the aircraft made an contact with the Pentagon’s western wall at 450 mph at about 60 feet above the ground. What is utterly baffling about the alleged facts is that Debra has supported over the last 16 years the same series of assertions about the murder of her beloved brother that couldn’t have occured due to the impossibility of science.

Since 9/11, a variety of scientifically “correct” information about what “really” happened at the Pentagon during that horrible day have been revealed through thorough analysis of forensic and scientific evidence and analyses of the dubious facts in the Federal government’s claims immediately following the Pentagon incident and, more recently, in its published 500-plus page tome “The Report of 9/11 Commission.” As the former deputy sheriff of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, I graduated from the 72nd San Diego County Sheriff’s Academy in June of 1985, after extensive exposure to forensics. Before that, I had taken a course in organic chemistry for one period of time in an engineering program located at Tyler Junior College (TJC) located in Tyler, Texas, and, after completing a baccalaureate diploma at U.T. Tyler, I completed my first, and only, year of law school at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, in San Diego, California. Later in 1992, I was awarded an M.A. degree from the University of Texas at Tyler that included a graduate level course in forensic Chemistry. Hence, I came to consider the events as well as the federally reported facts at the Pentagon with the eyes of an untrustworthy police officer trained in forensics and this led me to see a totally different set of circumstances, as I’ll explain in this piece.

Invariably, when large commercial or military jets smash into mountains, onto the ground, and into buildings and skyscrapers , the crashes of these planes leave behind plenty of debris and engine components, particularly. A composite part of a Boeing 757 consists of ten tons engine components made of steel and titanium which would have been quite visible after an airplane crashed into the wall to the west of the Pentagon and the devastating impacts of those engine components could have caused the well-groomed and well-maintained grasses surrounding the crash site to be terribly disturbed, gouged, and plainly messed-up. However, the evidence shows that the initial media news crew to be at the Pentagon site directly after the alleged crash, a CNN newscaster broadcasted a seventy-second broadcast during which the CNN reporter Jamie McIntyre, stated that his “did not witness a crashed Boeing 757 jet airliner on the west side of the Pentagon and the wall was damaged.” McIntyre had stated flatly that “if there was an incident involving a massive jet, it had to be located outside the Pentagon as the wreckage that is on the Pentagon grounds could have been that belonging to some type of much smaller aircraft.” In the news clip, McIntyre looked plainly confused as the broadcast of seventy seconds through CNN was not shown on national television following or following the 9/11. Thank goodness for technology like the DVR, for if recording devices in the United States that were in the living rooms of millions of television watchers were not in operation at the time, that television broadcast segment could have been lost to the past, and most likely, its existence would have been denied to CNN along with the government of the United States. Jamie McIntyre’s subsequent denial, in 2002, of what he had claimed to have seen at the Pentagon was made in the early part of 2002, after concerned citizens who were witness to and heard his brief news flash began questioning the federally-proposed facts. The denial of McIntyre about what he witnessed and heard on September 11, 2001, was clearly obtained through some kind of intimidation, as the denial of U.S. Air Force Major Jesse Martel, the Air Force intelligence officer who had first stated that he had clearly observed the wreckage of a flying saucer close to Roswell, New Mexico. He later confessed that he had been ordered by a high-ranking Air Force general to appear in an official Air Force picture and say that what he had witnessed was the result of the collision of a balloon that was a weather balloon in contrast to what he really seen. A film was later created about Martel’s denial featuring Martin Sheen as a reporter who found and interviewed Jesse Martel at an Army Air Corps reunion.

Another intriguing factor that is entwined into the Flight 77 conundrum is the fact that the “only” evidence supporting the hijacking of the Boeing 757 aircraft was reported phone calls made to Theodore “Ted” Olson the solicitor general of the USDOJ and his wife the famous CNN reporter Barbara Olson, supposedly during the flight of AA 77. Olson has reported that his wife had called the solicitor general twice during Flight 77. In Chapter 5 of the book by Dr. David Ray Griffin’s book from 2011, “9/11 Ten Years Later A Year Later: How State Crimes against Democracy Work,” “Chapter 5 turns on the main method by which the (conspiratorial) perpetrators convinced the American people that the attacks had been orchestrated by Muslims as evidenced by the phone calls coming from 9/11 planes, through which Americans were first told about the fact that Middle Eastern men had hijacked four airliners. This information was provided by a prominent official in the Bush-Cheney administration as the Department of Justice’s solicitor general Theodore “Ted” Olson. Olson informed CNN, and hence the world, that his wife, well-known CNN reporter Barbara Olson, informed him that her plane, American Airlines 77, had been hijacked by men armed with knives and box-cutters. In 2006, it was known to the public (by through the FBI’s evidence provided for the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui) that the Ted Olson report – that his wife had spoken to him two times from the AA 77 airline – was not accurate. This could hardly have been more important, given the fact that the reported phone calls had given proof that planes had been hijacked, as well as the fact that the first and foremost source of the evidence reported would be Ted Olson. And yet media outlets in the American media, which have the responsibility of relaying this information to the American public, haven’t published the FBI’s acknowledgement to the fact that Olson calls were never made. The chapter also discusses other proof that shows that the “phone calls from planes” were never made.”