Stay At Home Mothers Blogging To The Bank

Is blogging the new way for stay at home mothers to earn a fantastic monthly income?

What exactly is a blog? In essence, it’s basically an online diary. For example:

If you weren’t already aware, the highly well-known UK TV show ‘The secret Diary of a Call Girl was based off the online diary of a true anonymous call girl, who was well you know… earning money doing ‘things’ to fund herself while she completed her studies. The show was so popular that the online stories were published as a book and then a cult television show.

It can be very profitable to blog. One blog that I frequently visit, and the owner makes an average of $2000+ per month from his blog. 


Recently a new trend is sweeping across the online space, and it’s the phenomenon known as mommy blogs. Stay at home mothers have taken to the internet and started to blog about their everyday parenting issues and related topics, which have become popular with readers.

The blogs have grown and continue to grow to the point that they have been noticed by large companies that have begun paying good money for these blogs to advertise their products and send them plenty of freebies to be reviewed by bloggers. Many of the mommy bloggers are now earning thousands of pounds each and every month in advertising revenue and affiliate commissions.

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So , what are you going to blog about and how?

Here is our 7 step method to be successful as mommy blogger.

1. Focus: Choose the right topic.

A mommy blog is no longer has to be mom related (being located in the UK the word “mom” seems to be a bit odd! Lol). Find something you enjoy writing about, it’s difficult to write for an extended period of time on a topic that does not appeal to you. To have a successful blog you’ll need to write about the subject you are interested in repeatedly with different approaches.

Jessica Benton, a US mommy blogger who is based in the US, launched her blog about saving money from home. The blog was later changed into a tech blog that was focused on all kinds of technology.

2. Get a name & get a plan.

If blogging is a new concept to you, then you’ll need some sort of plan, particularly in relation to the name of your blog, once your blog takes off you’re bound to it, so be prepared, what do you want to talk about on your blog and what would you like to call your site?

A number of top mommy bloggers admitted that they did not plan to have a professional blog and were incredibly fortunate that their names did well when their blogs started to grow. Their advice: Think carefully about the name you choose for your blog.

3. Practice.

Start your blog on a no-cost blog platform like as well as Spend 3 to 6 months writing about your selected subject and then spending time on your blog to determine how well you can manage it and, most importantly, if you enjoy it. If you don’t manage to get through the initial six months, then you’ll fail. It will at least never cost you a penny. If you really enjoy the idea and believe that you could succeed, then it is time for your next move. Register a domain.

4. Register your trademark.

When you’ve determined that you can make blogging work for you, you will need to get a domain. In addition, it is recommended to have a Facebook page and Twitter account created with the same name. Making the three accounts one makes it easier to be noticed, as well as creating that all important brand feel.

When you register your domain, using the word “mom” in the domain name can help you get noticed by companies that are looking for blogs to partner up with. For example one successful mommy blog is

5. Start writing.

The most successful mommy bloggers are writing anywhere from one to 10 posts per day. They write good quality content that people are keen to read. It is recommended to write from your inside of your heart, and to write in a simple and friendly way that you would be talking to an acquaintance of a familiar friend. Simple and not too technical however, it is not to be’matesy using slang or terms that only your best friends would understand.

Writing regularly good quality content can improve your search engine ranking, and will bring in lots natural traffic. (People who have found your website without the need for expensive marketing campaigns or social media promotions).

6. Review your own life.

Mommy bloggers started reviewing their favorite things or items they use at home. This could be anything from food to TV programs they watched. After a while, companies would discover that they were getting positive reviews about their products. A positive recommendation from happy customers is one of the most powerful ways to advertise you have. The companies would then send mommy bloggers free items to test and then review. A win-win scenario for both the parties who are involved.

To bring brand-name companies to join your blog It is crucial to include product and item reviews visible on your blog. It is also importantly to be honest. Show bad points if there are any and not just the positive. Don’t use excessive praise that is not authentic otherwise they’ll conclude that you are not genuine and only after their business. It won’t work.

7. Connect to other blogs.

This should not be confused with obvious self-promotion however, it is a genuine connection with other blogs and sites. Again, being genuine is the essence of the game. And why? because it’s the best way to go and establishes long-lasting relationships with loyal customers over the long term. Blogging is a game that takes time and not a get rich quick scheme.

You must find blogs or websites that are related to you, and then leave appropriate comments about their posts. Be careful not to leave comments such as ‘Come and go to my blog’ they annoy users and owners of websites and they will be deleted.

Making genuine connections between other blog sites will have them regularly coming to your website to browse what you’ve written. They will also publish your reviews and articles with their readers. You will get traffic to your site from these other blogs.