Online Examinations – A Pacing Trend

Today, every exam or competition is conducted online, and applicants are required to take the test using a computer connected to the internet. It sounds like a lot of work but it’s not. There are still thousands of pupils who do not understand the simplest of computer functions even if they are able to pass an exam.

The various reasons for the conduct of these tests online are explained in the article below. A brief outline has been provided to students who do not know how to take the test online. This will be particularly helpful to those who are taking the Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences Admission Test as well as the Joint Entrance Examination this year.

The main reason for online conduct is that a number of incidents were previously reported that included rigging of exam centers, and the bribing of inspectors and the inspection team. Students were found to be using untruthful methods in both the print and digital formats and this resulted in higher scores.

This has led to a high participation of applicants in the merit list despite applying for higher cutoff marks. Visit:-

A different reason for this is because conducting an exam using a physical method is a costly and time demanding task. The printing of answer sheets, question papers sheets, and optical recognition sheets is a difficult job due to the high costs. Additionally, the physical mode of examination requires a lot of efforts to keep the papers safe and secure. The risk of leaks of exam papers are extremely high in physical mode compared with online modes.

Physical exam papers are sent to different exam centers , and there is the possibility of leakage of the question paper during transportation. While online questions are kept centrally, under different security gateways as well as passwords. Therefore, it’s difficult to break all the different levels of safe logins, and eventually, access the paper. Another advantage is that an online paper is much easier to manage and doesn’t need the expense of printing and distribution.

Conducting an online exam has another benefit over the physical mode i.e. the assessment of answer sheets and the result is much faster and easier. The correct answers are input into the central software that calculates scores by comparing the student’s answers. This way the result is announced within a matter of one week, compared to the physical mode, where announcement of the results can take up to one month!

Students who will be taking the online test in the coming year should be advised to study the exam pattern carefully prior to taking it. Additionally, they should attempt to complete the online mock tests prior to taking them, that will help them understand the process of answering questions and providing answers. The questions usually are composed of multiple choices and the candidates must choose the correct answer by using the mouse.