Network, Connect, Share – To Promote Your iPad App

The idea of creating an iPad app is great , but getting it to the right people and convince them to purchase it is the difficult aspect. With the increasing fragmentation of users, iPad app developers need to look for solutions that are not available in the market to get their message across to the right market.

Here’s a list of seven strategies that are competitive for iPad app marketing:

Review it for Reviews

Send your websites for review to the top reviewer sites, and ensure that you adhere to their guidelines. This increases the chance of your app being featured in the top apps category on the reviewer website. For example, has an intense review system that allows users to comment. Utilizing IntenseDebate users’ voices, they can provide authentic reviews of apps, as well as additional app review. Visit:-

pitch it right

Create a message for the app even before you begin developing the app. Make sure to highlight its USP and the reason why people should purchase it. Put this pitch on your blog and then share it with bloggers you know. If your pitch has important information, bloggers will surely publish it, and also write convincing reviews and predictions.

Social Media

Select the appropriate social media platform to expose your iPad application to the right target market. Create professional profiles on social media for your app. Update your profile regularly, share market trends , and other relevant information on the profile. Include appropriate links and videos that includes illustrations, content and images to keep users interested. Make Twitter and Facebook-based campaigns to increase the effectiveness of promotions through the social networks.


Advertise on related websites for businesses and blogs. For example, if your application is a lifestyle one, promote it on health magazines and websites. Send your application pitch to bloggers and ask for reviews and discussions. Participate in online forums and lead discussions on your offerings. Offer solutions and take feedback on advertising platforms as often as you can.

Google Adwords

Utilize the Google Keyword Tool and decide on keywords that are competitive. Through Adwords you can purchase your desired keywords and then display the keywords using sponsored link, which is displayed on the search results pages for the keyword. Adwords also displays advertisements on other websites with similar content. This ensures a wider and targeted advertising for your iPad application.

Application Pricing

Make sure you fully understand the preferences of your users prior to making a decision on a price for your application. The decision to create a free application or one that is paid is dependent on the purpose for which the app will be used for and the segments it is intended to target. Make sure you have a pricing plan for each app you market on the market.

Promo Video

Create a brief but stunning YouTube video. Make sure to share the video across every platform for promotion you can. The video can be distributed to bloggers, review websites, and current and prospective customers. Make a buzz about the video by directing it to the appropriate audience.

To conclude

Make sure you create an excellent web page for the iPad application. The main goal is to spread the word to specific groups that are going to benefit from your iPad application.