Make Cash With A Niche Blog Versus A General Blog

A Niche Blog Versus A General Blog

If you’re familiar with your experience in IM (that’s Internet Marketing) arena, a lot of people will advise you that if would like to start a blog to earn money it’s necessary to create a website that is specific to a particular niche and simply blog about it. And to monetize it, you’re going to have affiliate marketing like ClickBank and use Google AdSense and maybe sell ebooks. Visit:- afamilyvn

They could also say that it’s harder to make money from blogs that are too general, one that talks about all kinds of things and has no focus.

In reality, each has both its good and bad points. So let’s have a look at a niche blog against a blog that is more general before you choose the one that suits you best.

The Niche Blog

This is where you pick an area of particular fascination to discuss, and then you’ll only discuss. One example is my husband’s blog about deer hunting. That’s quite a specific area. We don’t talk about hunting for elk or small game hunting bear , or anything else. Just deer – doe and doe and.

Since we are in the eastern part of America, our hunter rarely hunts out of Pennsylvania and the rest of our content is inspired by his 35+ years of experience hunting in the cold winter weather in the woods.

My bookmarks blog is yet another instance of a niche blog as it talks specifically about wedding planning and planning for parties in relation to bookmarks as favors.

Subtopics in a niche blog

There are plenty of subtopics related to deer hunting too. We’ve barely scratched the surface because we’ve been both too busy with our other businesses. Also, since I’m not the hunter of the family, I basically have to “fake it” and then have my husband look over my posts before I publish them up on my blog.

What subtopics fall under the deer hunting category? We discuss gear, guns, bows and bows, deer hunting seasons, tree stands, and so on. Also, there are writings about camping because the majority of hunters camp while hunting as well.

And finally, there’s what you can do with deer once you’ve got one. So you can make blankets out of the pelt, lamps made from hoofs, and let’s not forget all the venison recipes as well.

On the bookmarks site, I blog about a couple of different topics other than party or wedding planning. For instance, I blog about using bookmarks for fundraising or marketing for business.

How can you make money from an individual blog?

Every way. I have plans to do some video clips with him to make his blog a lot more appealing . I also hope to get some residual income going through it since I’ve invested a lot of time into that blog!

A few options for monetization include YouTube ads, e-books and affiliate links with Amazon as well as eBay. My husband can be recorded doing some product reviews on the items he uses while hunting, such as special laundry detergents for removing scents and odors before heading out to the woods.

However, even with a relatively narrow niche blog on deer hunting, there are a lot of things that could be done using it. It takes time, focus and some creativity However, most subjects, regardless of how small they are, can be expanded and still remain on topic.

If your blog is dedicated to particular seasons or events it is possible that you will see higher visitors during those seasons as opposed to any other time. Wedding-related blogs for instance appear to see the most traffic from January to March, exactly at the same time that all of the local bridal shows. It is the time the time when most brides are beginning their wedding planning for their fall and summer weddings.

Similarly, my husband’s deer hunting blog is a favorite to receive quite a lot of visitors during the hunting seasons.

What To Do With General Blogs

I like to think of a general blog almost as an online magazine of sorts. You can pick up an issue of a beauty magazine at a newsstand and read articles about the latest fashions and conversely. The “Ladies Home Journal” magazine might be focused on things to do around the house, but they also have articles of family trips and short stories.

What is the reason for creating a general blog versus an individual blog?

This is my thoughts that led to one of my website transformations. The site was initially created as a niche website which was purely about general transcription. It was also an independent business that could be run from home.

I also had a website that was a niche for nail art. Both of these sites weren’t highly popular on their own, as I simply didn’t have the time to devote my attention to each one separately.

Then I decided that because I take care of the nails in my home in order to save money when working at home, it applies to working from home in a way. A single blog that has a mix of content opens the blog to everyone who is working from home, and trying to earn money and save it.

That’s when I decided to create a general blog to talk about working at home in general and also created subcategories that talk about nail art transcription, Internet Marketing, SEO, etc. And there are a lot of blogs that have been successful and are organized in the same way.

Is one blog format superior to both?

It’s up to you. If you believe you’ll have more success talking about specific topics, and you have lots of information about the subject and you want to create an online blog that is focused on niches and stick with a specific topic.

If you’re passionate about many subjects and don’t want to the hassle of registering five or ten domain names and build several blogs, think about which topic your other subjects could be fit into effortlessly.

At some point, you’ll want to become “the authority” of one of the subtopics, and expand it on its own. Maybe not.

If you’ve got the patience to dedicate, enthusiasm, and drive to make your blog a hit and make profits You’ll stay with it because you’re passionate about your work and your enthusiasm and excitement will shine through the content you post.

In summary

It isn’t necessary to start small niche blogs if you think you don’t be able to dedicate enough time to each one to ensure they are all successful and profitable.

If you’re planning to set an all-encompassing blog that is a mix of subjects, then go for it. You must do the necessary keyword research for every topic, and if you can do it make sure that the topics are connected to the overall theme of your blog.

When you’re creating your blog, you must remember that every page or post that you’ve got is listed in the search engines in its own right , using the keywords you decide to use. Make categories for the diverse subjects.

In terms of making money with any type of blog, you can use AdSense, ClickBank, and don’t overlook YouTube! If you’re able to make videos for every blog post, it will help you build a following more quickly as people get to see your blog “in person” every time they go to your blog.