Know Thy Etheric Self

If you’re a firm fan of karma, destiny or fate then might not be happy with the things I will declare. If, however, you are looking for the truth and are open to new ideas seeking objective information and facts, then you might like the ideas I put out here and then see how they can influence your own thoughts.

The whole purpose of religion has been controlling the mass. This is its purpose and goal, to keep huge populations under control and easily manipulable to commit blatantly absurd or sinister acts.

Looking back through the history of the beginning of Christianity or Islam We can observe the huge growth of these religions was founded on wars that fought against weaker cultures and forcing people to convert and death. What is the rationale behind human beings who be able to attack and kill innocent, unarmed societies? Because they are so controlled by the notions of religion and the promise of a better future life.

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The goal of religion is to regulate and control the masses. Governments are the modern-day ‘church’ they share the same thing, they control the people. The religion of the past was losing its influence, leading to the growth of religious extremists and certain governments have incorporated religion into the law and social standards. The power of the government is waning to regulate the masses and they have to find ways to regain complete control over the populace.

The internet has created an enormous problem for individuals in power, as it is a source of information that sparked individuals to think independently. The Arab Spring for instance. Arab Spring (a series of protests against the government, uprisings and armed revolts that spread throughout the Arab world during the beginning of 2010) or the mass protests in the USA would not be possible with out the web. The government needed ways to manage people. Taking the lessons of religion they came up with a method to force people to follow the same rules as sheep, based on the idea that the government, just like religious leaders, are trying to safeguard you and you, indeed, personally.

Controlling a large population can be a challenge if they are powerful, so as in all wars when you are trying to win, you must to weaken your opponent so that they’re easy to take down.

Religious writers have come up with the idea of Karma, and Destiny. What you experience today is the result of the actions you took in your previous lives. You don’t know the circumstances or what you were however, you take your destiny and life circumstances now because you deserve it. It is your fault. fate, karma and If you obey now and in the future you’ll be rewarded with an opportunity to reap the rewards.

The next life you live could be heaven or a brand new human being, based on the faith you adhere to. The point is that you’ll do the things you’re told to do and not fight back, because you can’t be certain of, aside from blind faith.

The religious world also loves the idea of telling you that you’re so naive that and cannot comprehend God This does make sense, but it’s not true that all things are God’s will as well. God is a planner, therefore you must suck up and accept what it is. You’re too dumb to understand, so trust me’ and I’ll explain to you what’s really taking place. If you believe in them you are correct You are simply too dumb to comprehend because you gave up the valuable and unique human characteristics of common sense and rational reasoning.

If fate, karma and God’s will are real and everything is as God would like to have it and that we were created by God and God’s will, then why do us have this inborn desire to make things better and to correct wrongs, help others and change our own? It is evident that God has instilled these feelings into ussince everything we are was created by God.

If God gave us the desire to change, then why should God provide us with that desire only to advise us not to take action because all is as God wants to have it?

The only way to accept destiny and karma is to believe in blind faith. There is no rational reason to believe that we suffer in this world for actions that were done in the past which we don’t know about, and that if we do well today, in the next life, we will not be aware of regarding this life, we’ll be rewarded. If we give to the church or religious leaders after we die, we’ll be guaranteed to go to heaven or get your money back!

It’s about preventing your own independent thinking and rational reasoning, which is the way you develop and grow, and replacing it with blind faith in what you hear regardless of evidence that prove it to be false.

As God stated during the Adam and the apple story “Now that Adam has consumed Adam’s Tree of Good and Evil We must stop Adam from eating from the Tree of Eternal Life, in case he becomes like US.’

Therefore, get him out of your garden, now he understands the truth about what we’re doing, before he gets angry and attack us. Take a look at the story using logic and the brain of an unprogrammed child. had a brain, then then see what you think of the tale.

A brief lesson in behavioural psychology is a good way to understand this. If a person is convinced they are certain about something that is not true, it’s impossible to convince them that they’re wrong. Whatever you do to inform someone with an uninformed mind, yet is convinced that they have an open mindset, that they’re closed-minded it is impossible to be able to convince them. If the student is sure they are aware, it’s impossible to impart knowledge. Are you aware of what the Bible story is about?

Let’s look ahead to the present, which is at the end of 2020. As I mentioned earlier the internet has led to massive riots and rebellions as well as major shifts and challenges for governments in controlling their citizens, and it is not able to be prevented. The only way to stop it was to find a method to weaken the population through fear , and force them to surrender their freedom and rights in a willing manner.

So we’ve got Covid. The government advises you to not leave your home, stay in the house, out to exercise and remain fit, breathe through a mask to ensure that your body doesn’t get oxygen that is essential for blood circulation and keeping your brain working at its peak Don’t sit more than one or two meters from each other (depending on the city you live in it appears that the virus is able to spread more frequently in certain areas than others) Take your temperature at least every couple of minutes, moving from one store to another in the same shopping mall and a family could be together, and couples can have sexual relations however they are not able to be at the same table in the same restaurant. The most dangerous thing is to take note of every place you go and let your phone run the application that tracks your every move and location throughout the day.

You are not able to go to visit the dying woman at the hospital, and you can’t visit your grandchildren during the holidays, or witness the crimes that are committed to keep us safe, while degrading our humanity, our fundamental desire for human interaction and connections and our right to earn money and to provide food and shelter and any visitor from another planet will be shocked.

All for our safety. But the facts are clear the absence of anything to be worried about apart from the fear-mongering that government is pushing through the media, which promotes the idea of fear. One employee works in an office and is believed to have the condition. Everybody in the office has to be isolated. Nobody else is found to be sick.