Is Multiple C Class Web Hosting an SEO Solution?

Webmasters are getting increasingly aware to search engine Optimization and be concerned about how they appear by Google as well as other engines. Many are looking towards their Web hosting service providers for new SEO strategies and solutions.

The leading Web hosting company, Host Gator, decided to meet this growing need by the launch of SEO Web Hosting. It did this by focusing on an emerging concept and issue that is: Multiple C Classes Hosting.

To comprehend this brand new type of hosting, it is necessary examine an IP address to identify that it is in the class. The set of the three numbers that start with the initial three is known by the C class. For instance, in the IP The C classification is 209.68.33. A IP with 209.68.34 – with the number 209.68.34 being different is also within the “class C” range. Websites that have similar C classes could be located close to one another or even be within the same servers.

What is the reason Host Gator decided to focus on this issue for its customers? Brent Oxley, President and founder of Host Gator, explained complete seo tools that SEO experts have been observing for a long time that Google examines interlinking between websites that are hosted by the same C class to discover relationships and also to identify spammers. Google as well as other search engines, could make use of this information to punish websites. They could devalue a website’s rank in search results or even block websites from appearing on search results. Google could even penalize websites by linking to these sites.

Other than perhaps the core search engine programmers from Google No one really can say if this theory is true. Other forms of data as well as WHOIS information are utilized to identify spammers, however it is safe to conclude that search engines will avoid links that they don’t trust. If two sites have the identical C class, then they could actually be classified as spam.

Oxley said to TopHosts that he’s not certain if the theory is true however he knows what his clients want and he’s delivering them clearly and loudly.

“Our customers work hard on their websites. They build up legitimate websites, and wish to link their work on all their sites,” Oxley explained. “They’ve been asking for IPs in different C classes for a long time. We are simply giving them what they want.”

At present, Oxley says Web hosts might charge high rates for IPs belonging to various C classes. In the majority of cases customers have to choose between several hosting companies to meet this requirement. HostGator’s Multiple C Class Hosting enables users to choose 100 or more different C classes for their websites, starting at just $5 per month for each C Class, and having everything in one control panel.

Since the beginning of two years, Oxley claims they’ve offered the service in multiple C classes to selected customers in a trial way. The customers cite SEO as the primary reason behind the request, and so Host Gator decided to officially introduce the service under the name ‘SEO Web Hosting’. Oxley claims that it’s a singular idea, and only a handful of hosting companies can offer the service.

“The reality is that many of our customers wanted at least 50 different C classes to spread their sites across,” Oxley stated. “With 255 IPs per C class, that means over 10,000 IPs. Not a lot of companies have the scalability to achieve this type of offering.”

Host Gator is also promoting other crucial SEO aspects, as part of their latest SEO strategy for their customers. Based on their overall strategy, Oxley says search engine spiders prefer fast loading websites, which is why they promise “blazing fast” service and 99.9 percent uptime. Customers who have more than 25 websites are assigned an account manager who will assist them with any issues that they might encounter.

Oxley is also hoping that their new brand of hosting will be an important resource for people looking for SEO-related information and assistance. “ will be more than just a commercial website – it will have articles, tips, and experts to help educate our customers, and others about the evolving trends in SEO,” Oxley said.