Investing In China or Investing In Canada?

North America or China? What is the best investment? How do I decide? Deciding where to invest your money is a continuous task as the flow and stability of the world’s economies fluctuate like a real rubber ball. Being a relative novice to the world of investing one of the main indicators I have come across for solid and consistent returns on my investments is “China”. Visit:-

When I first started investing, I was of the opinion that supporting local initiatives was the best choice. However, once reality set in, I realized that out of all the countries that exist, China is the place to invest in if I’m looking to earn stable, secure, and profitable return.

The reasons I have chosen China to invest over any other country on the planet are grounded in common sense and practicality. Here are some.

  • In comparison to most countries, such as Canada along with that of the US, China has the most stable, stable, and stable government in world.
  • The Chinese government is in charge of growing its economy. It participates in, sensibly regulates and protects the participants (including foreign investors)
  • The Chinese government is trying to make its environment cleaner. This is a huge task considering the size and rate of growth of the country’s economy.
  • China is one of the two countries currently that have positive cash flows.
  • China consumes a large proportion of its own output and therefore isn’t dependent on the foreign trade market for cash flow.
  • The investment in Chinese companies could yield a very quick and long time return on investment since there is a massive and ready consumer market already in the market.

In comparison, most western governments are muddled in the confusion of the latest round of economic chaos.

  • The majority of western politicians appear to be more interested in how to get re-elected than how to actually mobilize the economy.
  • Clean-up of the environment is too expensive to attempt, but it is a great marketing tool to make western politicians appear to be caring. Besides if they actually did adopt some sensible regulations that actually worked, and required environmental cleanup, it will cost their insiders too much money so they’d have to forfeit all their significant political party donations.
  • There isn’t a western government with a steady plan for rebuilding or expanding their economy. We appear to be constantly shifting between livings on a ship that has no rudder or ship is sinking.
  • The number of people living in North America is less than the population of China. Most of the goods we buy are made overseas (likely at least in China) so there are a few opportunities to invest locally which have structures like those in China which means they aren’t available or don’t have the consumers that would make them profitable investments.
  • Due to the absence of population and the expense of bringing products on the market, time line for getting a good return on investment is much longer and far riskier.

North America is a great area to live in. Everyone on the planet wants to be here. However, in order to be able to afford living here and contribute to economy of our local communities, my money is in China. If we were to eliminate all economic consequences that come from China out of those of the North American economies, we would have no economy at all!

As a virgin investor, I must make decisions based on common sense; and this means placing my money where it is secure and has the highest chance to earn a good profit within a relatively short time frame. I believe that China is the most reliable investment, as it supports both the local and world’s economies . It also keeps money in my wallet!

I look forward to your comments.

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