In These Present Times How Worried Should We Be?

Read Matthew Chapter 6 , verses 24, 33, and 34. These past few weeks, interviewers’ most frequently asked question has been “How worried are you?”

In the first part of Chapter 6 – from “The Sermon on The Mount” It is the sermon that Jesus has been talking about – Giving verses 1 to 4 – praying the verses 5-14 and fasting the verses 16 to 18. “Secret” is mentioned in all of these activities.

One is the one who sees and hears. Jesus clearly demonstrates this. God knows when we mean trade with him. People who have done all this to be seen had already had their reward. There is one who watches and listens and notices and responds.

When we gather for worship and prayer – is this just something which only a handful of people practice within our society today which is considered to be insignificant by many? God desires our heart, our love as well as our mind – and He wants to hear the voice of our heart.

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It appears as if it could be a grim and bleak winter – but it’s not necessary for you.

Jesus mentions the importance of storing things in order – then our vision – and duty – and who we will serve – God or money. A better term is ‘possessions’.

Jesus draws contrasts – we are able to store treasures here or in heaven The vision we have can be clear or clouded – we can either be a servant of God and mammon. What we choose to do will affect the future of our lives, regardless of whether we are conscious to it or are not.

Jesus did not want the disciples to be spiritually insolvent when the whole thing was over down here – and we can apply that to ourselves. It is a challenge to invest – making investments in time and money and capability and anything else we have to invest.

Jesus will instruct His followers to make wise choices.

This is Thomas Chalmers who started The Savings Bank movement in Glasgow for the needy to have something for when needed. Notice how Jesus states that we are not supposed to save money to ourselves! In a sense Jesus is speaking about coveting. Are us able to give things to them, or do they take hold on us?

Verse 22 – our vision images that have to do with lights and lamps has to do with our understanding.

Sin has a cataract effect – our spiritual sight goes one step further clouded. Jesus did not wish for His followers to have a clouded vision. Where is our spiritual sight?
If there is something wrong with our spiritual sight, Jesus is able to fix us.

There are two treasures to be found – two visions – two masters. What we focus on is vital.

Verse 24 – Who has gained your heart? Jesus doesn’t want just even a fraction of our time or our capabilities – our zeal or our consideration. He would like to have everything. He decided to purchase the lot – to rescue and purchase all the items – every part of me.
Jesus wants to be a blessing to every aspect of our lives. that’s why we shouldn’t truly serve God and possessions.

We could try to serve materialism as the ruler of success, the master slave of success. We are able to serve all sorts of things: opinions of people and what other people think of us. All possessions are in a sense and we have the ability to serve them – and Jesus states that they can’t work.

It’s no surprise that Jesus speaks about these issues of the heart right from the beginning the ministry of Jesus. Matthew 22 verse 34 to 40 – Be a loving and faithful servant to the Lord your God.

This part is all about our heart – Jesus would like us to be different from the inside of our heart. Is your master a person you trust? What are your rights? You couldn’t be a master then, and you cannot have two masters at present.

So based on the things I’ve been saying – regarding giving and praying and fasting – don’t worry about being different. The Bible does not mention – try not to worry or even look at life differently? No – it is the word of command and also a word for comfort , a word that is used to strengthen and protect.

Verse 25 – Jesus states to His followers – “Do not be worried”. Jesus does not teach His disciples to not be concerned and not to worry However, He is teaching them not to worry.

The birds have to go to find food. Don’t let your life be controlled, destroyed or degraded by anxiety – Jesus explains why. Jesus is teaching disciples about anxiety.

Six times in this short passage, Jesus refers to being nervous or concerned.

Worry is derived from an old English word meaning to choke or strangle.

Jesus is challenging disciples about the pride we have in our faithlessness and the ways we are easily distracted.

This is not a pretty psychological message. This is not a sweet and honey-coated lesson. He is challenging our faith and pride, as well as determination.

Jesus provides us with an avenue – and the way to live it – so that we can become productive disciples.

The things listed here are important, but they are not ultra-important.

“Therefore” is because of what I have been saying”Therefore,” let this happen.

Food and drink and clothing are important, but they are not the most crucial.

This is all derived from the master we select to serve.

He comforts His disciples while He walks alongside them to help them strengthen, and us, to make the world a better place to be touched through His disciples.

We live with people who are so anxious, worried and unfocused.
The seed can grow – but thistles and thorns can also grow and choke the seed the cares and worries and the deceitfulness of riches. Jesus did not wish for His followers to be similar to that. That was not what the light of the world was to be. The disciples were different. Matthew 13, and Matthew 5.

These are things that can create causes to worry and stress for many people, but they’re not the things that matter most in your lives. Jesus provides three reasons to show why we should not be concerned. Jesus offers a solution to anxiety, as Jesus emphasizes how important our lives have to God. See the importance you have to the God of heaven. God has a clear idea of the things you need, and He can deliver.

It feeds his birds and takes care of the flowers. He looks after His pets and His garden.

Our worry is that – I don’t truly believe that God is able to be my protector in these various ways. Peace, calm and a sense of calm are all at stake when we accept these words of Jesus. So many people are anxious.

See the Cross for a way to know what you’re worth to God.

He shifts our priorities. aren’t things like life as important to us than eating – and the body more important than clothes? We are concerned about things that are not essential. Jesus desires us to get the sense of what is essential – His Kingship His rule and government demonstrated.

He’s so honest. Worry does more harm than beneficial. He tries to establish a daily trust – give us the food we require for in the next 24-hour period. You can’t do anything about tomorrow anyway.

To be brief – Jesus is teaching us about – how to overcome anxiety shifting priorities and a sense of reality to be established in Jesus’s mind of his disciples Do not be concerned.

Don’t worry about tomorrow . Do not be worried about tomorrow, because that can paralyse your today.

What is preached points us to the preacher – Jesus so depended upon the Father. He recognized His own worth in the eyes of God the Father.

“Do not be concerned about your future – about what you eat and about how you look and what you’ll wear it.” These words are being given to the disciples. They are for us.

Jesus is saying to us – Follow Me and I will help you avoid any worry.

Wealth can be a problem to those who have plenty of money as as those who do not have much. If you have a lot, and those who have very little tend to be worried. Jesus is telling us to “Don’t worry , but rather believe.”

The meaning of life is much more than clothes and food. It is much more than physical and tangible. Clothing and food should not be a priority concern.

There is a spiritual dimension that is not to be overlooked – rather, it has to be properly fed. Jesus is encouraging His disciples to be concerned about their spiritual growth and development and well-being.

Check out the ravens – They don’t do a great deal of work. They don’t plant or reap as they take their position in the system of Creation and GOD feeds them.
“How you are more valuable are than the birds!”

Jesus is warning his disciples to avoid worrying. Can you do anything by being worried about it? Do you have the potential to extend your life by being worried about it? Not really – in fact, the reverse it will cut down your life by thinking about it.

Jesus is teaching us that worry is a waste of time it wears your body and result in nothing. Jesus would like to save us – release us – and save us – from worry.

And He continues to say to us : look at the flowers – they are beautifully clothed yet they’re only temporary. And God is the one who dresses them in all their glory.

Do you believe that our Heavenly Father will tend to more of His garden – His pets and animals – without regard to His children? No. No.

Jesus shows us that worry is the result of the lack of faith. Worry is an option.

Have faith in God – be dependent upon God’s sovereignty – put your trust in Him and believe in Him and trust Him to take care of you.

Do not get overly concerned about what you’re going to eat, drink and wear.
The pagan world is obsessed with all of these things.

If you truly need something, make a request to DAD. Your Heavenly FATHER knows you’re in need of food, clothing and shelter! Wonderful!

Listen to Paul to Paul in Philippians Chapter 4 – Do not worry about nothing . Pray about everything – thank God for everything – Concentrate your thoughts on positive things – and be content.

These produce – quiet thoughts and a mind at peace, as promised by God.

“Do not be scared because I have saved you.
I’ve been calling you by your name I am Mine.

If you go through the waters, I’ll walk with you,
you will never sink beneath the waves.

If the threat of loneliness is on the horizon,
Then remember that Keep me in mind.

“Do not be afraid, for I have redeemed you.
I have called you by name – you are Mine.”

Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy and is a member of The Children’s Panel in Scotland She has travelled extensively over these past years teaching, speaking, and preaching in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, making 12 trips to Israel carrying out pilgrimages and tours and lastly, Uganda and Kenya as a minister during Pastors and Leaders’ Seminars, in the areas of poverty around Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.