How To Market Your Skill As A Writer

Wordsmiths are good writers. They are wordsmiths, just like the building blocks. They know how to choose words to convey specific meanings to readers around the world.

It takes time and effort to learn how to write copy that adds value to your readers. This is not a party.

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You need to step out of your comfort zone and read everything you can find.

You must write. Reading is only 1% of the work, but practicing is 99%. It is not possible to create good copies by magic. It takes practice more than speaking.

However, you must let the world know when you create good copies.

The internet and computer have made the 21st century a global village. It was once called a global village. You probably already know this.

How can you promote your writing skills around the world? Good question. The internet is both a vast library and a dynamic marketplace for all.

Hence, any product or service that you offer to the world can be found ready buyers both online and offline.

You can advertise yourself on blogs, websites, social media, email, forums, directories and online advertising agencies.

Let me be real with you, my brother and my sister. There is no quick fix for marketing yourself online.

It is work first, before payment. You order your meal before you pay at some restaurants in Nigeria or abroad. Some restaurants will ask for money before they serve you.

However, online writing requires you to research, read, search, and then request specific information from Google or any other search engine.

You must announce your presence for days, weeks or months, and give away almost all of your products free. Then wait patiently for the sales to begin rolling in.

Trust online and offline is important in an internet world full of good and bad. Earning the trust of your readers is essential.

Online reports stated that the International Telecommunication Union estimated that 3.2 billion people use the internet in a world with approximately 7 billion people.

The internet is used by approximately 2 billion people in developing countries and 89 million in the least developed.

These numbers show that there is a large market for writers. Before I sign off, I want you to remember the trust angle that I mentioned earlier. God bless humanity.

Emmanuel Udom, a journalist and blogger, is a researcher.