How to Hack Your iPod: Six Great iPod hacks

It is a device that can be used to express your personality. iPod is a very personal device. The music contacts, calendars, contacts and notes you save on it tell the character of your persona. From playlists to playcounts, our iPods tell other people the things we like, what we think, and even what we’re like. If you really would like to turn your iPod into a vehicle for personal expression Why not customize it?

Hacking your iPod by modifying the case or installing custom software or even ripping it apart and increasing the storage capacity – can turn the universal media and music player into something truly unique.

NOTE: You should be aware that using any of these techniques carries the possibility of damaging your device.

1. Penguin Power

iPod Linux is the essential hack, as are table stakes for numerous other hacks that you may want to test. It is fully compatible with iPods of the ages of 1-3 and is installed on every other iPod equipped with displays. Visit:-

It is recommended to download the ‘Podzilla’ software, which will provide a graphic interface to iPod Linux. There are a variety of versions of Podzilla that you can select. After installation, iPod Linux and Podzilla will allow you to boot your iPod into a basic Linux mode. Additionally, it can serve as the basis for many other hacks.

2. Wikipedia is on the move

Everyone loves Wikipedia. It’s a free, user-built encyclopedia that has more entries on a variety of subjects than Britannica. It’s an excellent source of information however, what happens if you’re not at your desk? You can now download Wikipedia via your iPod and take Wikipedia along with you wherever you travel. However, it’s not accessible for all models of iPods. Nano and video users aren’t available at the moment, and as there’s no display available on the iPod Shuffle, there’s no reason to install Wikipedia. The first step is to install iPod Linux.

3. Triple your memory

Are you not satisfied with the 4GB of memory in the iPod nano? Why not increase it. The first step is to purchase a damaged nano on eBay. Break it open and take out the memory. Open up your nano working, connect the memory chip of the damaged nano onto the empty pad inside the working nano, then seal it up again and then perform the factory reset. Now you’ll have a functioning nano that has 7.2GB of storage.

4. Mobile films on the move

Transfer DVD movies to your iPod with ease and for free with a software that is free (HandBrake) that is available for Mac as well as Windows. Take note that unless you’re using an analog capture method, it’s not legal to transfer DVDs that you own to your iPod.

To Mac (and Linux) users Get a no-cost version of HandBrake. Handbrake is available as an Universal binary, which is great news for people with the latest MacBook, Mac mini, or imac. It can convert DVD videos directly to MPEG-4 video, which is the format that you’ll require to view the video on an iPod. Windows users must take some additional steps. Find a DVD ripping software like the DVDFab Decrypter and DVD Decrypter. Convert your video into AVI by using a decoding tool. Then, transform the AVI file to MPEG-4 which you can play on your iPod with the help of Videora iPod Convertor.

5. iPod for TV

Are you looking to stream content from the iPod onto your television? It is possible by buying the PS15 iPod audio cable at Apple or using a standard mini-jack-to-three-plug RCA cable. The cables are priced between PS7 and 10 from retailers like Maplins ( If you want to connect your iPod to a TV, connect the cable using the mini-jack and then plug into the RCA connections into a TV with an unusual configuration. Apple outputs its video via a red cable, not the standard yellow. Therefore, you’ll need to plug in the red cable to the video (yellow) plug of your TV, then plug the blue cable to the white plug, as well as the black cable to the red plug. This is a simple trick that anyone who has an iPod could try.