How To Build an Empire With Blogs

This is the thing I’m hearing a lot of How Do I Blog? When you are first starting out with your blog, it’s difficult to imagine it could grow into an Empire. Many of us dream aspirations of managing an Empire blog, but there are numerous obstacles to climb through, under and over and around. It is easy to believe there isn’t any way to see the light at the end the tunnel. Dreams are what keep us going and help us keep going and pushing for the things we would like to achieve. A burning desire to succeed and a resentment of failure keeps us striving to win a trophy.

The process of running a blog can be an enjoyable experience, especially when it’s a blog that offers instruction. However, before we go into teaching, we must determine how we will create it and the platform we’ll be using. Let’s take a look at some aspects we should consider in order to create the Empire blog.

Domain Registration
Many people want to create a blog that is a dot com domain instead of that of an actual service provider i.e., WordPress, Blog and so on. This is the point where the registration of domain names comes in at, you can simply register the domain name for around 12 dollars per year and redirect (DNS) the domain name to the hosting company you use.

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If you don’t know the meaning of (DNS) is, Domain Name System is the method of distributing the naming system for services and computers. It converts IP addresses into domain names.

Web Hosting
It is possible to run your blog using a completely free service , and not have the worry of hosting your website. It’s more a sign of trust and professionalism in blogs that are hosted under their own domain name and run by an independent hosted service provider. I suggest you choose an hosting service for your website, and one that is compatible with your blog’s platform. If this isn’t your expertise There are videos which will guide you step-by-step through the process.

Free Platforms Similar to WordPress
You’re probably wondering: how can you blog? There are handful of free blogging platforms available on the Internet such as blogger, Tumblr, blogs, Jux, WordPress, Posterous Spaces and Weebly. Certain are superior to others and deciding which one to use is typically a matter of your own preference. But, I’ve tried several of them and I would definitely recommend WordPress due to its flexibility and features. There are several websites which offer video tutorials which will teach you everything you must be aware of about WordPress starting with setting up, themes and plug-ins to affiliate marketing and more, so I would not worry too much about what you should do in this area.

Use Headlines Effectively
Imagine writing the most impressive piece of work you’ve ever written in your entire life but then having no anyone read it. We don’t often consider the title to be significant enough. The title is usually a reference to something that has something to do with the article and, by far, this is the best most effective way to do it. But, you must create a compelling headline for the reader to ensure that they click it and become involved with your post. Before you write your headline, conduct an internet search for keywords to determine how many competing websites are targeting these keywords. You can also use a phrases like “How Do I Blog?” Look for less websites that actually target the phrase you’re using. If you’ve got more than 900 million websites that target specific keywords or phrases It’s a lot of work to say, if not impossible, if you’re novice at blogging, that you’re likely to rise in the rankings of every search engine.

Do you have a Great blog design
When you design your site, you should create a visually appealing website as you want visitors to not just read your blog posts but also enjoy the design of your site and also enjoy the look of your website. I’ve visited websites that are ugly and it didn’t take me long to go to another site. The majority of websites that are ugly in appearance only pique the attention of a user for 3 seconds or less. It’s not a long time to go through any information and you’ll get the idea now don’t you?

Leverage Social Media
Social media is a important issue these days, take a look at the little youngsters using their phones on the streets looking down, and not looking up. The majority of them are messaging or chatting on Facebook or other social media platform. If you begin making an effort to target Facebook as well as other social network platforms like Pin, Tweeter, LinkedIn and many others. Be careful not to overburden them with all kinds of advertising. Keep in mind that the majority of them are your friends and family , and they are will simply not pay attention to your blog post. A few posts here and there that is interesting will get them moving forward and will encourage them to follow your site and begin promoting your site on their walls.

Identify Your Niche
Find out what interests you and what you’d enjoy writing about. There is nothing more frustrating than writing about something that you don’t like. If you pick a subject that you aren’t interested in it’s unlikely that you’ll write much and, in reality it will die out within three months. A blog is just an account of your life and requires constant updates. For a few of us, we were children and we kept a small diary which we used to note down something on it. Your blog is only this. You can decide to post things on it each day or even every week, but no matter what time frame you choose to follow ensure that it’s constant.

Keyword Research
Once you’ve found your passion, it’s time for you to conduct some Keyword Research. There’s no reason to continue writing without focusing on keywords that users aren’t searching for. Utilize a search engine such as Google and focus on a specific keyword. Google offers a tool called a Keyword Tool which you can use to target specific keywords or phrases. It will inform you the number of people looking for those terms. Then, you have to figure out how many websites actually contain those keywords. It’s not difficult to accomplish this from here on out. all you have to do is place your keyword or phrase in quotation marks and it will reveal how many websites actually use the keywords you want to target. Look for keywords that have an average of 50k searches per month, which is just over 1600 searches per day for the specific phrase. If you’re only getting 10% of the traffic that comes to your site, that’s 166 potential customers per day, it’s a good beginning.

Link Building
No links, no visibility. It’s wonderful to write great content and hope that everyone would find it. However, you need to have authoritative websites that link to your website to allow your readers to locate you. The best way of accomplishing this is to search for yourself some excellent article directories and begin writing articles to be an authority in your field. It is also possible to use other blogs which do not limit the hyperlinks and allow you to link back to your website or your article. To locate high-ranking article sites, just type into Google “high ranking article directories” and it will provide the top 50 directories for article. This should give you an excellent starting point as you sort the list by the page’s ranking to are aware of which sites rank in the top position. Choose a starting point, for instance five rankings. Anyone who is less than five, you should simply ignore and go to any authoritative website with an average ranking of five or more.

Blog Comment
It may not be an issue, but blog comments can go in a significant way of linking to your site. If you are a part of an excellent blog with a high rank which allows you to use your blog’s signature as a linking back to your website and you’re on the right track. As you grow to be an authority on the blog, readers will begin to follow the links back to your website. In addition, search engines will also be following these links, and you’ll be able to rank higher in search results. Therefore, every opportunity you have take advantage of the opportunity to increase your blog’s comments.