How to Advertise Blog With These 4 Blog Comment Strategies

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new or experienced blogger If you’re in business with blogging there is a certain circumstances, recognize that posting comment on other people’s blog has huge positive effect on advertising your blog. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to publish your comments on every blog you read. Finding the right blog to write on is a technique you can master. Here are four strategies for making comments on other people’s blog.

What is the popularity of this blog?

If you are commenting on blog, which has only a few visitors per day, you cannot expect that an influx of visitors will be able to visit your blog. Because the number of people who read your blog is less, it may also indicate that only a tiny proportion of people will actually read your comments and then go to your site. Therefore, if you want to promote your blog’s existence by posting comments on other blogs, try to locate blogs that are equally popular or even more well-known as your own blog. You can use the page rank of an individual blog to determine how important this blog’s website is. Visit:-

The blog has the same interest as you

There’s absolutely no use in making a blog post which is not connected the blog you are writing on. Although direct connections are not essential, it is much preferred. For instance, if you run a blog about software for computers, you should not limit yourself to comment on other blogs, that are also talking about the same subject. Commenting on blogs discussing programming languages, which are used to write the software, or other people’s experiences using the software, are also an excellent way to marketing your blog.

A tip on determines the nature of any blog is to examine the description of the blog. If the blogger does not have the time to offering this kind of details, go through their blog and find out if they are targeting the same keywords that you do, by counting the number of times a particular keyword was mentioned.

Opportunity of Reciprocity

When you start blogging What you are focusing upon is the contents of your blog. Then, you can invite other bloggers to reciprocate your action. It doesn’t matter if you’re the first to be contacted by a different bloggers, the chances are they’d like you to post a post a comment on their blog as your blog has good content in your blog.

In reverse, try to locate the comment you left on your blog, find out the website another blogger has posted on your blog. Then go to their website and check if there are any link exchange opportunities that are coming up.

Find Blogs targeted at a similar market

If you’re marketing your blog via posting a comments, you’re not limited to posting on blog that has similar topic like yours. If you conduct thorough research and plan, you are able to increase traffic through commenting on blogs that have quite different types of visitors.

For instance, if have a blog about dance and discover that there’s an food blog with huge number of visitors, you might take a look at posting a comment to it. At first, it appears that there’s no immediate connections between the two. But, both blogs target the same age group. Furthermore, the two blogs could even be targeting the similar geographical areas!

If you can establish a connection between your primary markets You could discover a great link exchange possibility. It will also work simply by posting a comment on their blog with your blog’s link inserted. It requires careful and meticulous planning. The most important thing is that you need to discover a common interest both you and your blogger partner share. You can discover one by focusing on your target market.

Returning to the food blog and dance blog example, considering that their intended audience are both teenagers, the strategy on blog comments is making a post on a dance blog on the most appropriate food choices for dancers who might take part in competitions. Also, posting a comment on a food blog that, what benefits a dancer could gain by eating certain foods.

In reality, if there are times when you want to simply respond to a blog post making a comment without thinking about any blog advertising aspect, it’s absolutely fine. Even if you do not gain any tangible benefit for you during the brief period of time, always giving out your idea will, in certain ways, help you gain credibility in the long run.