How I Sold My Hummer Through Online Classifieds

I just wanted to write a short article about how helped sell my car. Unexpected and unexpected medical costs forced me to sell the 2006 Hummer. Yes, it was a difficult decision, but it had to be made. When I thought about selling a car, I didn’t know where to go. Would you like to pay to advertise on websites across the country, advertise on eBay, advertise in newspapers, or try free ads online on one of several websites? After exploring the options, I realized that I didn’t have to sell my car right away, so I decided to try the free route to see what happened.
I searched the internet and found some sites where I could place free ads. I decided to put my ad on two different sites.

During my research, was the site I found most interesting. We’ve found that there are many other things you can do on this site besides running free ads. On this site you can play games, play games, post resumes, discuss various topics in forums, and make money in monthly contests. Visit:-
Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, I decided to place an ad on Not immediately, but I received an email with more information about the vehicle. I was excited because I had never sold anything on an advertising site. I only sold a few things on eBay

. A few days later, I saw my ad on and I got a call from someone who saw it and wanted to test drive it. So we made a promise, and he stopped by my work the next day. He lived about 30 miles away, so he knew he needed to be very interested in the vehicle if he wanted to drive that far.
The next day he tested the vehicle and loved it. He is from a telecommunications company and needed a car to drive with his customers. He was soon approved to buy a car from his company, and we met at my bank and completed the deal. Dealing with Lien’s release and DMV issues was a bit tedious, but that’s probably another topic to discuss in the games section of the site.
The transaction was completed in a total of about 12 days after the ad was placed on I was very happy with the whole process because I didn’t have to pay to place an ad elsewhere or in a job newspaper. I was able to hide my email address until I was satisfied with the person who bought the car, so the communication process went very well. With smooth transactions