Diving and Driving

How does a person who drives a vehicle truck among Montreal and Texas set aside opportunity to show scuba making a plunge Southeast Asia?

“I half-resigned from driving,” says Guy Dumas, grinning heartily throughout a sever at a truck stop Highway 401 returning to Montreal.

He implies he presently limits his heading to the half year time frame between mid-April and October. He goes through the other a half year in Southeast Asia, chiefly Vietnam, enjoying his enthusiasm for scuba.

Fellow was acquainted with the game when he moved to the Magdalen Islands in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Magdalen has maybe the most elevated level of scuba jumpers of any spot on the planet. Of its populace of 14,000, around 700 are jumpers. He immediately joined their positions, taking scuba examples to VIETNAM TRAVEL turn into a sporting jumper and adding further capabilities until he wound up plunging professionally.

He lived there for quite a long time, showing plunging and running his own jump look for 10 of those years. He enhanced his profit by acquiring an agreement with the Canadian and Quebec states to plunge for a scallop cultivating research project. It included submerged looking over and “a wide range of trials.”

Still up in the air the best season to gather eggs, the best kind of material in which to gather them and moved the eggs from their regular environment to a space where there were more supplements. Under those conditions, a scallop would achieve similar size in two years as it would in five years in nature. The work was done as a team with the Magdalen Islands’ relationship of scallop anglers, which was permitted to offer 20 to 25 percent of the scallops in the trial. The others were delivered once again into the wild to keep on developing.

Fellow and his sibling additionally had a jump shop in Montreal, yet in 1998 they shut the two shops. Fellow, who had started his truck driving vocation in 1973, got back to shipping. Be that as it may, the movement bug – particularly to hotter environments where the jumping was great – was too incredible a fascination. He began spending the other a large portion of the year in Southeast Asia, first in Thailand and later in Vietnam and Cambodia, rapidly tracking down function as a scuba teacher

It was in Vietnam that he met his future spouse in 2003. They were hitched the following year. His significant other lives in Vietnam all year since he’s be out and about more often than not he’s in Canada, in any case.

Fellow has additionally shown making a plunge Haiti. Ever the business visionary, he selected understudies there by paying Haitians who approached a retreat $5 for each understudy they conveyed. It was close to Gonave Island, in Haitian waters that Guy and a plunging companion met their first huge shark. It swam by inside five feet of them. “It was so delightful, all the beauty,” says Guy, delineating the swimming activity of the shark with his hands. He assesses that the shark was around four meters in length. They weren’t apprehensive right now, however on swimming back to the boat, they found themselves thinking back every so often to be certain they weren’t being trailed by the enormous hunter.

Fellow is focused on safeguarding the oceanic climate. He has prepared in looking over reefs in Cambodia, subsequently qualifying as a volunteer for Reef Check, an association whose mission is “to secure and restore reefs around the world.” This includes studying the reefs, taking note of fish, everything being equal, other amphibian life and the strength of the reef, and recording it for Reef Check.

In Vietnam, Guy jumps at Phu Quoc, an island in the Gulf of Thailand, off the Vietnamese coast. He educates at the Coco Dive Center, which has tasks in both Phu Quoc and Nha Trang.