Debt Consolidation Breaking News

The United States Department of Education is taking bold steps toward cleaning house and we will examine some of the changes that affect you as a parent of a soon to be college-bound child directly. We are not trying to be a burden to the millions Americans who are going back to school and who are students themselves, but the majority of those who have already graduated are still under the financial control of the parents. We titled this posting the news of debt consolidation as breaking news with a valid reason. The reason we do this is because in the midst of Halloween, which falls in October it is time to lay the foundation to prepare for the upcoming winter school sessions in many parts in the United States.

Reformation in America

Debt consolidation is changing in America as of today, and with President Obama assumed the reins over several financial issues it is important that you know something about the situation of debt relief on the country. While you may consider yourself familiar with the fundamentals regarding what debt relief is, you need to know how that relates to the students who are incoming freshman. There are literally millions of freshmen entering colleges and universities and technical colleges across this wonderful country of ours and it is crucial that parents of these soon-to-be college-educated children know who they can turn for help as well as information regarding the all-important student loan question.

Department of Education Enactments

The latest information regarding debt consolidation includes the actions of President Obama’s administration as well as the Department of Education directly. The administration has enacted laws and other legal laws that the middlemen are now out of the equation in all issues related to student loans.

Saving Money

What this can do right away is to spare you as the American taxpayer at least $500-$1000 per year which were going to the road of third-party companies that provided student loans. Now that there’s direct communication between you your parent of the child who is going to college, as well as the Federal government through the Department of Education, the rationalization of this kind of financing for a college education is easing.

Great Intentions

We wanted to give you an earth-shattering and fundamentally new information but the reality is that the world of debt consolidation has many things going on. It is vital that we put our focus on the future and the present instead of worrying about the past. If you are a parent of a child who is presently in high school, you are aware of this and know that the future belongs to our children. By consolidating debt, clearing the household and freeing funds that would otherwise be used to pay credit card revolving loans and other unsecured debt loan accounts you will be that much closer to being able to finance the goal of your child as well as yourself of completing a college education in America in the 21st century.