Conventional Or Alternative Medicine – What Is The Difference?

With all due respect there is no better than conventional medicine in the case of surgical emergencies, trauma and emergency. However, for all other things alternatives or natural remedies is far more effective especially for chronic illnesses that conventional medicine is in no way able to treat or treat or.

Since more than 10,000 years, natural treatments have been utilized as a substitute for conventional treatments. about 100 years old.

They deserve the respect they have received from the public because they are healing and have benefits proven by credible reviewed research.

Modern medicine actually blocks and degrades the healing mechanism because it is unbalanced in the human organism and its systems, and in particular the immune system.

The overuse and misuse of antibiotics among professional practitioners has risen dramatically over time. Visit:-

As the consumption of prescription drugs continues to increase at while ignoring the importance of exercise, diet and supplementation, as well as lifestyle changes. This could solve many small health problems without the use of drugs or medications.

But this treatment of which would have none of the negative side effects, is most of the time not considered and rarely discussed by medical professionals or doctors.

The world health organization estimates that around 70% of the world’s population relies on alternative medicines for treatment, prevention and cure illnesses. In certain parts in the western world, we have closed – minded medical organisations, they harm and dilute the entire field of natural medicine.

Do we have it completely wrong?

Shouldn’t we have special courses in universities and medical schools offering elective classes in alternative and complementary medicine and incorporate it into required courses?

It is because of the passion, enthusiasm and reason of medical professions as well as scientists, researchers, and politicians.

Naturally, when it is about money and profit, this is not easy applied. Pharmaceutical companies could lose the trillion – dollar industry that they have enjoyed for decades and this is not going to happen very soon in the near future.

When conventional medicine came into being, it was the deliberate attempt by the medical profession to undermine what was later called “ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE”.

The problem is that the disillusionment of the general public with modern medicine and its inability of treating many diseases, in addition to the terrible side-effects of every treatment available that has led to the increase in the demand for complementary and alternative medicine.

It is about time medical professionals begin to educate rather than just medicate. The focus of drug medicine is managing symptoms but does not address the root issue that the illness originates in the start.

Mother nature is able to make it even better! Nature’s ability is able to fix her creatures long before man decided he could improve his skills. It is also important to recognize that mother nature is way more effective at healing than physicians and their drugs.

These alternative therapies are working to treat the entire personby recognizing and activating the body’s system to heal the first cause of illness.

There are numerous natural discoveries that could help heal every illness known to humankind. It’s all about controlling your health, as no one else will take care of it for you.

Cancer is the second-leading cause of death in America as well as many other western world countries. According to the China Study, rural Chinese women have five times lower chances of dying of breast cancer than their American and western world counterparts. As documented that Chinese women and men are able to avoid terrifying diseases that kill over 1 million Americans and hundreds of thousands in the west.

What are they able to know about us that we do not know?

Traditional medicines have succeeded over many thousands of years, and now modern science can confirm that many ailments traditional medicine fails to treat and that they can be treated by natural means by the power of nature.

For instance… cardiovascular disease (CVD) is among the top killers in America, claiming 700,000-plus lives every year. Yet, according to studies like the China study and the survey taken, over a three – year period nobody died under 64 years old of heart disease, out of 500, 000 men and woman living in two regions of China.

Why is it, with regards to illness and illness, the Chinese in many cases have less risk and a higher success in healing without depending on prescription drugs as opposed to the western world that rely on conventional medicine?

In providing the body with the correct nutrients, vitamins and minerals and other nutrients. The body is capable of repairing itself, not just that, it can also defend itself from illness.