Buying Guest Posts on Blogs

The possibility of having a guest article published on blogs has, for quite a while been viewed as an excellent method to promote a website and establishing credibility to a brand however, what happens if you do not have time to write a guest blog and then present it to a lot of bloggers hoping that they will publish it on your behalf? This is where purchasing blog posts can be helpful by allowing you to pay for guest posts to be written by you and published on a well-known site or blog.

If you’ve thought of making use of guest posts as a method of advertising your site, but haven’t been able to make the time to take action Here are the benefits of this kind of advertising as well as some tips on how to get another person to do the guest posting for you.

Enhance your Google positions

A quality back-link on an associated niche site is worth 100 times the amount a spam-like back-link from an unprofessional High DA PA Guest Posting Site site is worth. An article published on a domain authority site will only have the level of contextual relevancy required for a link to gain an impact on Google rankings.

Bring quality traffic to your website

A blog post published on a well-known website can boost traffic to your site as well. The people who read an article about a subject which is relevant to your website’s content on a site with a good reputation are the kind of people you’d like to draw in, since you can be sure that they’ll be interested in the content that your website has to offer or even sells.

Increases brand exposure

Publishing content under your name, or published with a hyperlink back to your website, puts your brand name in front of an even larger audience. While it’s difficult to measure the advantages of brand recognition however, it is a fact that the greater number of people are aware of your name and the more likely they will be likely, at some point in time, to come and go to your website.

Enhances credibility

Being connected to blogs that are popular in your field adds credibility to your site. A quality guest blog article on a reputable blog or website is the same as getting an endorsement from the site.

Enhances the web presence

The more times you mention your site on the internet more likely is the possibility of someone coming across your website. If your site’s links are featured on a variety of blogs and websites, it will not only increase your rankings in search engines but it also increases chances of someone coming upon your website and then visiting it for the sake of curiosity.

How do I get guest blog posts

You could approach relevant blogs within your field by yourself and ask the blogger whether they would be willing to accept your post however, it can be a lengthy process. First, you’ll need to locate the blogs which accept guest posts You would then have to contact the blogger with ideas for an article, and after that, you’ll need write the article as well.

Another option to do everything yourself is to purchase a guest post on a site or blog. There are those who have author accounts on some of the most popular and large websites, or have their own blogsand provide their services to create or publish articles on behalf of you. There are websites that specialize in providing guest posts. You might want to visit an auction site which specializes in selling various web assets.