Article Writing – You Can’t “Do It” in 15 Minutes

Did you hear someone say that you could write an article in 15 minutes? Don’t believe it! Writing, even the simple act of writing a letter, is a test of your character, your intelligence, and commitment. The majority of us do not have the capability to write what an article requires in 8 to 15 minutes.

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Its “Start” menu points me to the “No Nonsense Article Creator”. Kim Haas’ software sets an order of gradual and straightforward steps that will create an article in just 15 minutes. To get that done fast, you must think quickly and do the work. There’s a good chance that someone is able to write 4 articles an hour, but I’ve not succeeded. I outlined this article using “No Nonsense Article Creator”. In my 15 minutes article fame was over an hour prior to writing this sentence.

During a teleconference, I was listening to an Internet marketer whom I admire, say, “Just write the article; don’t worry about grammar or length. Just write it.” I’m saying, make sure you write it well or not at all. Every word speaks volumes about you, your ability, and the commitment you have to your subject. If you believe that then your efforts are worth more than just 15 minutes. If 15 minutes of writing is not enough, Article Marketer offers an 8 minute article writing software. This seems odd since Article Marketing holds authors to very high content standards and grammar as well as spelling standards. Article Marketer’s “Article Writer” will show you how to write the most sought-after kind of article: lists. Learn how to compose your piece so that it is correctly formatted and submissions for articles will be effortless!” Sometimes we can “do it” in just 15 minutes, but most of the times you should not.

I have used to use “No Nonsense Article Writer” to write down ideas for article. At present I have about 40 articles with titles and basic outline to complete. Utilizing the software allows me to organize my articles. I then save them in PSPad Editor. Whitesmoke can help you write better, too.

Article writing requires an initial idea, thought sequence, research as well as proof and justification for any suggested actions. If you can do everything in 15 minutes I am impressed. Here’s what I think writing an article requires. Yes, using the “No Nonsense Article Creator” and “Article Writer” will get you to where you need to be.

You are able to write about any topic. You’re not bound to the highest level of knowledge. If you’d like to be an authority on one specific topic, you must write on that topic. A primary rudiment for writers is to “write what you know”.

1. Create a short outline in your notebook (always carry a notebook to record ideas). Let your thoughts stream. Don’t make any edits or stop to read. Simply write.

2. Then, read the text to form the outline of your thoughts. Circle key words that prompt paragraphs.

3. Keep your paragraphs concise and your sentences brief. Yesterday, I read a 74 word sentence written by an official from the Town. Strunk and The Wagnall’s Elements of Style recommends 7 word sentences.

4. Don’t Write Like You Talk. Talk Like You Write.

5. Ask for a quote from a source or interview one.

6. Edit…Edit…Edit – I don’t think every step is more important than editing. Sometimes we have to set an article free before many revisions. If you’re able, if you delay submitting your article for a few days, you’ll be able to find many different ways to revise the article, but eventually you’ll need to put that article free.

John Updike died Tuesday, January 27, 2009. Updike composed “essays, reviews, short stories, poetry and memoirs,” according to CNN. Subject and genre Updike’s writings transformed the most simple idea into poetry. There’s no way to imagine the possibility that he employed software to write an article. In the interview for The Academy of Achievement , Updike tells authors “.. that they should develop actual work habits, even when you’re living a a busy life, attempt to make time for at least an hour or more — a day to write. Some very good things have been written within one hour per day…So consider it a serious endeavor. ….” Should a simple Internet guideline article aim to uphold the standards of Updike? Maybe if web-based writers wrote fewer articles, and put in the time, more articles would be worth reading. Of course, that advice is for me as well.

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