Article Marketing Drives Free Website Traffic

Every webmaster knows that getting traffic on their website is number one requirement for being successful online. No matter what kind of website you’re running but if your site does not get any traffic and you don’t have the ability to make any money or get leads.

Driving traffic is usually considered one of the toughest aspects of operating a successful website. Although there are a variety of methods to increase traffic, high quality traffic can increase your costs to thousands of dollars each month. This is the reason why many site owners are searching for low-cost methods to bring high quality traffic back to their site.

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If you are thinking about free website traffic, article marketing is one of the most effective techniques that pops into your mind. The reason for this is quite simple: article marketing is effective.

I would want to share some suggestions and suggestions to help you bring visitors back to your site through article marketing. I will show you how to write short articles that don’t consume a lot of your time, and then apply them to drive traffic to your site.

What is the term “article marketing”?

Before I give you the secrets of article marketing, I would be happy to provide more information about what this process is all about.

The method for driving traffic back to your site is quite simple. It’s all about writing content optimized for search engines and then posting them on websites that distribute articles. You’re probably reading this article on an article distribution platform at the moment that means you know about these platforms.

If you publish an article on these platforms, any person who visits the platform you posted on can view your post. In the end of your post, you could add a “resource box” with a link back to your website. This has two benefits. One benefit is that it is a hyperlink that directs users to your site – anyone who reads your post can click the link to go to your site. The other benefit is the importance of the link that you shared it also functions as an external backlink for your site that will assist you to improve your search engine rankings.

Article marketing tips

Let’s get to the actual advice I’d like to impart to you. Follow the guidelines I’ve shared here and you’ll soon be able to write better articles that rank higher, and that lands you more visitors to your website for free.

1. Keyword research

Keyword research is an essential part of article marketing. If you don’t perform thorough keyword research before you start writing, you will simply be creating a piece of content that’s not likely to be found by search engines. You’d like your content to rank and be seen by a large number of viewers, that’s why you have to conduct thorough keyword research.

Before you begin to write an article before you begin writing, go to a tool for keyword research and conduct some investigation to find keywords to be targeting.

Pick a topic and then enter some keywords related to the topic. Once you are presented with the results, search through the results to find a keyword with relatively low competition and an adequate number of monthly visitors and then focus on that keyword. It is also possible to focus on two keywords in the same article. You can target one keyword as a focus and a second keyword.

I always start by using Google’s keyword tool. It provides data directly from the Google web search results. There are a lot of other options as well so make sure you discover a tool that works for you.

2. Create a catchy title

When someone visits an article distribution platform or performs a Google search, the first thing they’ll see on the result page will be the name of each article posted. The opportunity is for you to catch the attention of the viewer and get them to go through your article.

Make a distinctive and attractive title that will draw in readers. Be sure that your title informs the viewer what your article is about.

You should also use your focus keyword within the article’s title as close to the start of the title as you can. This will improve your article’s be found by search engines.

3. This is the main body part of your essay.

Once you’ve written an attractive headline for the article, you’re now ready to begin the body. Start with an introduction and include your key word at least once in the paragraph. I suggest that you include your keyword’s focus in the very first sentence in the body.

After writing your introduction paragraph, move on onto the rest of the article. Do not bore your reader Get straight to the point without making a loop. You should give as much information as you can to your reader without losing their interest.

Make sure your article contains a good amount of words. I recommend writing articles of at least 500 words. It is important to note that some distribution platforms have limitations in the amount of words an article can contain.

End your article with a conclusion. A quick summary of what your article was about, or perhaps a final thought.

4. The resource / author box

The last thing you need to complete is creating an article for in your box of resources. It’s a part that you add to the end of your article which could also include links to your website. Write an appealing and innovative piece that will make readers want to click. If your content is of good value, the reader will be eager to click on your link.

5. Post to distribute the article platforms

Once you’ve got your written piece ready, it’s time to post it. Be sure to save your article on your computer prior to posting.

Do an Google search to find “free article directories” and you will instantly find thousands of results. I would recommend visiting a website with a “top” list. This can give the reader an overview of the top websites you can submit your article to. Visit each site, register and upload your article.

Some sites don’t give you the option to include resources – in these cases you should add the resource box manually at the end of your article.


I’ve provided some essential guidelines to help you write higher quality content and drive more free website traffic to your site. Remember to follow these tips and implement them step-by step. This will help you create high-quality backlinks and also driving traffic for free back to your website.