Are You Making a Mistake of Not Keeping a Personal Journal?

Are you having difficulty achieving your goals? Are you feeling like you’re not progressing enough towards your goals? Perhaps you’ve just begun your journey towards your goals.

Let me ask you a question. Do you keep a personal journal? If you do not have one I can guarantee you a many struggles along the way towards success. The possession of a journal is the key in achieving success. Avoid the blunder in not keeping a journal.

We tend to think that we can keep all the information that we need to remember in our minds. Particularly if you’ve got a good memory or think you really have a good memory! Many times we just feel lazy to note down things. This is a fatal mistake!

I’m yet to meet an individual who is successful, but did not have a journal for themselves. Not only it is an absolute requirement to have some kind of personal journal, but it’s more crucial to keep the journal with you everywhere. Visit:-

As we’ve seen previously, your journey to success begins with understanding your own. At first, you’ll go through the self discovery process, in which you attempt to find out more about your own. The first step is to ask yourself those six questions. You will have to document the questions and their answers.

In the process, you’ll perform self-analysis to help in being aware of your strengths. Where you will be making projections and later on finding out whether your projections turned out correct or not. Also, you’ll need be able to record your projections so that you can verify the accuracy later on.

The only way is that you could track this process mentally. It’s impossible to imagine. Both of the above steps require a lot of data which cannot be kept or properly analysed inside your mind.

Many times you will be tempted to keep it in your mind and not write. Because you may have a excellent memory. This is not an offense to your memory. Even if you have an excellent memory, you just aren’t able to store all the data and analyze it in a proper manner.

Another important thing is to ensure that you keep this journal with you at all times. Why? Most of the genius ideas and concepts seem to be coming from the out of the blue. They come at the exact moment you’re the least prepared. It is essential to always be at the ready.

This is why it’s important to keep your journal with you every day. Form a habit of jotting down any new idea that occurs to you. Even if it seems like the most ridiculous idea on the planet at the moment.

It’s been the hallmark of people who have succeeded. They all had personal journals and always carried it on their person at all times. They used it to capture spontaneous creative ideas.

Another aspect you’ll shortly be taking on in your journey to success will be setting goals. We will cover goal setting in greater detail in the coming articles. However, it’s another vital activity to be completed when you wish to succeed at any goal in your life. And goals have to be set and documented.

Make sure you are consistently taking note of your goals and monitoring your progress. You’ll need to make adjustments to your goals as you progress.

Take out a notebook. An old-fashioned diary can work perfectly. It is possible to use a computer if you prefer. You’ll need something you can carry around with you. Something on which you can easily make notes.