Angels Bridge the Gap

In the history of the world, there have always been large gaps, with partitions separating one land mass from another. Land was formed because of these natural boundaries. Developed ethnic culture; physical and social separation was created. Whether it’s a mountain or river, a volcanic lava that erupts the boundaries of black rocks, or a deep ground crack in its center due to an old earthquake that is unmeasurable in magnitude, the end result is always the same, a complete and absolute division. was.
World religions cannot escape the flood of this faction. The earthquake that struck on the first Good Friday after Jesus shouted the last cry, “Father, praise my spirit in your hands,” broke the temple curtain and broke the temple territory. The roar of that scandalous murder on the body of the Son of God was felt all over the world. This caused a rift at the top of an Italian mountain called Alverna at the time of Jesus’ death. On the same mountain, about 1200 years later, St. Francis of Assisi suffered a stigmata wound.
Perhaps a worse crack arose when Christians left the Jews. Of course, it was a mental or emotional break, but a catastrophic break. Originally it was beautiful. Deep but beautiful. The Jews did not accept our Lord Jesus as their messiah. It was the only pure and simple border. Other than that, it was all about Jesus’ new path in parallel with Judaism. Christians even went to the temple for worship. Then they met someone and broke the bread and talked about the Messiah. This is the old beginning of our mistakes. Visit:- Dragon City Guide
However, when the Jews refused to accept Jesus as the Messiah, the Gentiles were preached and converted. Change began to permeate Christianity, moving away from the Mosaic Law (circumcision and some Kosher diets), eventually becoming too wide and too deep, widening the gap until it was impossible for humans. rice field. Cross without help. Over time, it took more time for Jews to join the Christian movement than accepting Jesus as the Messiah. They were not obeyed because there was a Jewish law that had nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus. This was something the Jews who joined the church could not obey. First they fought, then they left.
And the separation took place! This separation was clearly an evil plan to form a deep and lasting rift between Jews and Christians, but it was never intended. Jesus came to die for his chosen people, the Jews, for them, and also for the people who came later, the Gentiles. Lucifer’s plan was to kill Jews and Christians and ultimately destroy the church.
But it is strange that the fallen angel, a violator of the plot, did not take into account the only entity that strengthened God to stop the plot, fill the gap, close the large bay that separates the old, and cross. I think. And a man. Not afraid to fall deep into the canyon, the new was his brother, a good angel. This bridge will remain forever while Jesus is across the water and waiting for his loved ones to cross over to Jesus and his church.
Angels have been an important element of the Jewish and Christian traditions from the beginning. Bible scholars of different Christian denominations, like brothers and sisters of Hebrew beliefs, differ in almost every part of the Bible, but there have always been areas where there was never a disagreement. It is a recognition of the credibility of the Bible. The role of an angel.
It is a well-known fact that angels fill the gap between the New Testament and the New Testament. Their existence and activity began in Genesis, followed by the last book of the Bible, the Apocalypse, where they play an important role in end-time prophecies. Throughout the Bible, we consider their roles as diverse as their powers and gifts. Due to these special leadership qualities, we believe that angels have different personalities to perform individual tasks. But no matter how we personally look at angels, they are always at important moments in the Bible and they play an important role. They are there and are standing to help God.
The angel himself has been mentioned more than 320 times in the New Testament, the New Testament, and all the important events in Jesus’ life. Angels are mentioned in the Garden of Eden. After the expulsion of Adam and Eve, God placed the cherubim as a guard at the gate of Eden. “He expelled man and placed a cherubim and a flaming sword to the east of Eden to protect the path of the Tree of Life.”