A Layman’s View

Running a blog can be as introducing a product or service to your business in the sense that it will require time to set up and maintain, and then promote. Blogs will need time in your schedule for networking, marketing, writing and scheduling in posts as well as managing comments. But blogging is flexible . You can schedule posts to go live two times a day or you can opt to post once per month, but it’s up to you.

Whatever you decide to do, be consistent because readers will rely on new content . If they visit your site expecting fresh content but don’t find it, they likely won’t be back. That means your hard work of bringing them to your blog was lost. It is true that the majority of your readers are unfamiliar with your blog; approximately 80% have not previously visited the blog. It is important to provide an incentive for readers to come back and leave a feedback or to share the blog’s posts with their social media.

Before you rush the publishing of your blog, take a few days to become acquainted with the platform, the templates and tools they have made available for you to make use of. Most blog service providers will also have an administration area where you can get how to effectively managing and advertising your blog.

It is a good idea to visit several blogs that have an audience similar to the people you want to reach. Check out the different types of advertisements that use their blog and try to determine who they are, what are they selling, and what may have brought them to this particular blog. Look over the topics that the blog covered over the past year. See how they’ve made use of the tools you plan to use on your blog. Take a look at the theme they have chosen colors and images that are used. Consider what you enjoyed and didn’t like about their blog. Also, make notes on thoughts you have in this process. This will help you improve your blog to make it unique and powerful.

When you’ve settled on who your ideal readers will be, what the theme and design, the type of content you’ll provide and the frequency at which you want to publish – it is time to determine what you hope to get out of the blog. Perhaps you are hoping to drive sales or increase the number of customers you have. Perhaps you’re making use of it to build dialogue or to strengthen customer relations or to share information about your company’s activities, behind-the-scenes subjects, stand up desk, office desk  or to showcase your green policies or highlight suppliers’ charitable donations. Maybe you are going to use the blog to reinforce your network and create opportunities for networking. It’s okay to have several intentions with regard to your blog. The goal is to figure out what those intentions could be. Once you have this information, the process of making blogs’ policies, creating content and assigning staff to run the blog becomes less difficult.

It is very helpful to create several files on the computer to keep things easily accessible. Create a file that can be used to store any future ideas, content ideas, content and resources like EzineArticles.com for instance. Create a separate folder in which you can keep images, ads and logos that will be utilized on your blog.

Like your signature email You’ll need to design your own small by-line which will be placed at the top of every blog post. This could include a logo, a commercial meme, a message to your readers, or simply one URL to your website for business.

Utilizing the option for multiple pages on the blog is a great idea too. Making An About Us page is a ideal way to communicate to those new readers explaining who you are, your links and contact details. A second page for media appearances is also an excellent idea. Perhaps another page that provides reviews, endorsements, or comments. It could be a page with an contact form to receive reader feedback. There are many options that are only restricted by the blogging website platform (Blogspot, WordPress, e-commerce site, etc.) which you’ve decided to utilize.

Once you start blogging, you should encourage your readers to use those social media icons that are located in the lower right corner of every post. Each time someone clicks those media buttons your posts are shared to their social media friends. Make sure you are using those buttons yourself and encourage your staff members to do so as well. Join social media groups, forums network, distribution websites as well as any other channel that is relative with your website. Engaging with fellow bloggers and like-minded businesses will help drive visitors to your blog.

Lillian and her husband Dave form the team responsible for Brummet Media Group, high-fiving with joy as they pass each another on their way to taking one thing off or another from their lengthy to-do list.