The Gospel is Not Good News

When Jesus arrived and introduced his gospel message of Christianity it was greeted by the people as a truly positive news. Many gathered around him to hear the gospel of life which Jesus delivered. Following his execution and his followers continued to preach and teaching his methods, and were also greeted as the bearers of the good news.

Naturally, not everyone was happy about the new doctrine. The traditional faith of the time opposed the new doctrine with violence, and even put some to death for preaching the word of God. They beat, whipped and imprisoned many who chose to adhere to or preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yet, despite the pain that they inflicted, they were unable to stop this doctrine or the spread of this wonderful gospel.

One of the accusations made against the early preachers of the gospel is that they had “Turned around the globe” by their teachings (Acts 17:6). The new teachings from the Gospel of Christ were a good thing and extremely powerful.

A lot of people be open to many different opinions however, not many would be willing to endure humiliation, torture, or even death to abandon their convictions. This was the magnitude and the power of this great news.

Also, consider the condition of the apostles following Jesus was put to death. They were beaten and gathered in Jerusalem contemplating what they should do after their teacher and Lord was taken away from them. However, as they gathering on the day of Pentecost The Holy Spirit, abounding with his power from God was upon them, turning them into powerful and charismatic preachers of the gospel news. Peter stood out among the crowd and during his sermon that day, 3000 people gathered towards the Lord after hearing the gospel’s good news (Acts 2:4-42). Visit:-

The power of the gospel by Christ that it can’t be simply called “good news” but it’s “Great news”. In the past, never has ever been an impactful message as the gospel and the truth of Christianity.

What makes this message so effective? Man is afflicted by all kinds of evil, both inside and outside. Man is afflicted by the actions of fellow humans and more so in his own hands, by giving in to the urges of the flesh. Man is afflicted with illness, disease and even death, usually caused by his own desires and passions. Man is constantly guilty of lying and cheating, jealousy and jealousy, and also commits crimes of adultery, murder, drug abuse, theft, rebellion and every other kind of criminal acts. Because of these and other sins the human being is always stressed.

Watch the news at night or open a newspaper and you’ll see the evil and sin that is prevalent in the world that is ensnaring man. It can be extremely stress-inducing to read or see these kinds of things. Tension and pressure build up until the stage where they wish that it all disappear or that they would be able to escape the tension.

Being free from the burden of stress is not only good news, it would be Great News. This is precisely the message that Jesus and his followers offered in their sermons and the reason why people came to hear the words of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Gospel of Christ.

The Gospel truth is that it is about freedom, and it’s available today the same way as it was the past. The gospel’s good news provides freedom from bonds and guilt, stress and freedom from all the demands of life. If you are free from these, you will have the only thing this world can’t give the person who is in need of it… tranquility.

If you accept the gospel truth, there is a peace within that comes from understanding Jesus and implementing his principles to your daily life. If you’re at peace inside, it doesn’t matter what happens to you, because it won’t impact your life unless you permit it to. Peace in these times of great turmoil and disaster is truly a blessing and is a true blessing for everyone who finds and receives it.

There is so much more to be found from the Gospel of Christ. Christ offers hope for an improved life and both in the present and in the future, the place in which there is no illness, disease or death, nor any other form of evil.

The best part to be found is the fact that it is available to everyone and anyone who decides to pursue it by Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Christ isn’t only good news, it’s GREAT news.