Subscribing to Magazines

One way startup publishers can reach their advertising revenue goals is to use the services of independent magazine salespeople. Magazine sellers can literally start new headlines and put you on the fast path to success. However, using the service has many advantages and disadvantages.
So you’re probably wondering, what exactly do magazine sellers do anyway? Simply put, they sell or ask for ads. We will discuss your obligations and responsibilities in more detail later. However, it is worth mentioning that using a freelance magazine salesperson for a publication can be both a blessing and a curse. If effective, magazine sellers will be the best way to receive new advertising costs. On the contrary, your agent can cause a loss of revenue. As a publisher, you bear all the additional costs associated with your sales reps’ ability to perform their jobs, and everyone has little or no return on investment. Invest your hard-earned dollars.
So what can magazine sellers do for you? This is the point. The main reason magazine publishers choose to use independent magazine sales reps is to ensure a stable foundation for advertising revenue. Simply put, you can usually hire an agent to market without down payment (or very little), office space, computer equipment, car insurance, or health insurance. Basically all you have to offer your sales reps is just a small part of the new business you bring to your post. And like any other business venture, it’s important to cut spending by getting off to a good start.
Another important reason new publishers use magazine distributors instead of hiring full-time sales staff is hoping to leverage the existing relationships between representatives and advertisers and media buyers. Is to be. In the final analysis, in addition to a well-structured media set, business relationships can play an important role in getting advertisers to place ads in your publications. If you are a new editor trying to break into an existing category, no matter how great your idea is, you will definitely be at a disadvantage. Magazine seller companies can get you interested around your headline pretty quickly. Sales reps also serve as a place for magazine ideas to resonate. If your concept is marketable, your sales reps will probably want to work with you. Visit:-

On the other hand, if this is not the case, most magazine sellers will not waste time. Therefore, if your sales reps do not answer the phone or appear to be uninterested in your work, we recommend that you reassess your draft, mission statement, and business plan. Of course, there are several reasons why a sales person refuses your business. You may simply have too many customers, have conflicts of interest, or lack experience in a particular category. However, in general, magazine sellers act as a good barometer of the feasibility of the concept.
It’s important to remember that for novice magazine editors, magazine sellers don’t fully share their enthusiasm or are as emotionally obsessed with magazines as editors. In fact, there isn’t much incentive for sales reps to sell new releases. Most salespeople need to work twice as long, if not five times, to sell a new business.
Statistically, magazine seller representatives know that few beginners are past the first year, which makes it commercially viable.

Also, new titles typically start with a very small circulation. Since the distribution rate and the advertising rate are interdependent (the higher the distribution volume, the higher the advertising rate), the financial incentive can be very low. Therefore, for many salespeople, the time and effort required to achieve profitability is not worth it. This does not mean that the publisher of the new magazine cannot hire the services of a magazine salesperson. Simply put, new publishers are aware of the challenges facing salespeople and, as a result, are prepared to provide generous incentives to attract salespeople to process their publications. is needed.

And, just as importantly, you need to provide the right sales tools to help your magazine salespeople get their ads effectively. Freelance salespeople, like individual salespeople, need the right resources to sell their titles. That means at least backing up your speech with professional media with market research and clear, concise demographics. This isn’t overemphasized, as it’s the media package, not the magazine itself, and ultimately seals the transactions of the majority of advertisers.

It must be said that some publishers are reluctant to use third-party services. Independent magazine sellers can sell multiple titles, so publishers who are not loyal or who prioritize their own interests over the interests of publications and are essentially prosperous with high retention and additional costs May be accused of being.

Some sales reps can exceed expectations and fail to deliver, but ultimately it is the publisher’s responsibility to set specific goals and expectations for the publication.
If you decide to work with a freelance magazine salesperson, you may find it as difficult to choose the right person as you would for any other type of employee. In fact, the roles and responsibilities of external salespeople are not much different from those of full-time salespeople.

Therefore, it is worth following the same rules and precautions that you use when hiring internal staff. A thorough maintenance process will save you a lot of time and headaches in the future. Some representatives may try to make it look like they need to be sold at launch, but keep in mind that they have a partnership that needs to feel comfortable and equal. Neither should feel the pressure to make a decision. Be sure to call and check the references to see who your sales reps have worked with. Please consult with an agency or media purchaser.

Remember that you are renting based on their reputation in a particular market. If the field reference isn’t checked, you probably don’t want to put that person on the team.
As a publisher, you need to set clear parameters for the seller of your magazine. Many publishers complain that they don’t have much control over their independent salespeople. It is important to clarify the terms of the business relationship so that both parties can know what is expected. How often do you receive call reports? How often do you want the person in charge to register? Some people may find daily updates annoying, but if this is comfortable, go early so that there is no discussion later.
Finally, try setting realistic goals for your sales reps. Don’t expect to see the results in the first month.

It can take 6 to 12 months to create a new business. Also, keep in mind that magazine sellers may require upfront payments to cover downtime. This amount is usually a commission draw, usually 20 percent of the cost of the page. The more established and easier to sell magazines, the less likely they will be. As a general rule of thumb, selling a page costs 20 to 25 percent of the page’s net cost. Make sure to reserve 40-55% of your total pages for advertising. However, please understand that you may not be able to meet your advertising goals during the first year.

Finally, you don’t have to choose a sales representative for your city or state magazine to order ads on your behalf. Keeping these tips in mind will greatly facilitate relationships with independent sales reps, increase overall advertising revenue, and help you and your publications on the path to financial success. Become.