Study Reveals That Online Education Beats the Classroom!

Recent news from the Department of Education, SRI International released a 93-page document on one of today’s most serious topics: online education.

Surprising but true, the study shows that students who are enrolled in online courses exhibit an improved performance in performance in comparison to students who attend brick-and-mortar educational schemes.

The study bases its conclusions on the extensive study of the online learning system in comparison to the typical classroom teaching from 1996 until the year 2008. Although a portion of it was within the K-12 classroom, a larger portion of the study was conducted at the level of colleges and continuing-education adult programs across a range of fields that range from medical science to military education.

Based on 99 point-based studies which were analysed to determine which kind of education is better for students who perform better in various areas of education. The results of these research studies indicated that students who attended any or all of the courses on the internet had a higher chance to score in the 59th percentage of their performance that was experienced. Visit:-

In contrast, the average classmate would be within the 50th percentile. This theory suggests a significant amount of major difference in both the method of learning.

Barbara Means who’s the lead researcher of the study and a teaching psychologist says that the study is essentially designed to promote the fact that online study today is superior to the conservative educational methods. But, this doesn’t mean that the moment to “greet goodbye” to classrooms has arrived. The study is designed to encourage the use of online education at a high quality for a more effective and more flexible learning method. Online education has been a success due to the rapid advances in technology as well as the use of sophisticated tools for online learning that have made learning online not only more enjoyable but also more exciting.

Experts believe that the online learning system is vital in providing individual attention for each student. This isn’t easy in a class with many students. This method is perceived by a large portion of students as more engaging and exciting as opposed to traditional.

According to Dean Philip R. Regier, online education is currently at its tipping point. The continuing education program will be the best place to develop in the near future. In reality, a typical university has 5,000 students enrolled in its continuing education courses that include classes in person and online courses. If this approach to education continues to maintain its recognition that is, the amount of students is likely to increase by three to five years.

It is also thought that online education may also play a part in the transformation of colleges. Numerous K-12 schools and universities are beginning to adopt online education management systems , such like Blackboard or the open-source Moodle. These are extensively used in the submission of course work, reading lists, and the timetable of classes, and also hosting some Web discussion boards.

Because of the increased use of social media technology, the world has become very different. Students are able to not just help themselves, but also discover how to help others. In other words it will be evident that college students are acquainted with the basics of calculus. The classroom time will focus more on applying the math on real-world situations, perhaps understanding the science behind weather fluctuations or the fluctuations in stock rates. This means that students are able to complete a degree in a shorter span of time.

According to Mr. Regier, the latest educational scheme can effectively develop learning communities for middle of students in a number of ways. Online education is going to transform the way we learn. Education online will be accessible to everyone, regardless of where they live. This surely can modify how we operate and will without doubt influence the levels of literacy in a positive way.