Social Media Strategy

Barack Obama has used several “touchpoints” and social media platforms to create a brand that is a key factor in winning the 2008 presidential election. Its branding strategy is a case study for marketers to study to create a brand in the era of new media. President Obama’s branding strategy is a different paradigm shift from previous branding and social media strategies. This is a basic strategy for businesses to integrate their websites with social media platforms. What President Obama did otherwise is that he created a website,, that acts as a mini-Facebook, a mini-social platform. It paved the way for the brand to use social media. Private companies need to study Barak’s strategy to understand how to create a world-class brand virtually overnight. It’s important to marketers because there are so many products in our time. To choose a product from many, you need a strong brand. How does a startup that was a Baracks campaign create a strong brand if the company has significant capital constraints? Social media has created a new era. Social media has changed the way modern marketing is done, but marketers need a strategy to succeed, which deals with the strategic use of various “touchpoints.” Visit:-
At this point, I think there are some important introductory remarks. President Obama is a lightning bolt. Like all politicians, he likes it and many dislike it. This article is not any form of political statement by President Obama. This article is about branding strategy on social media. Regardless of his position in the political spectrum, even Barak’s biggest critic says that his strategy for social media was the classic use of social media to build a brand.
When I talk about creating a “brand,” don’t interpret it as a cynical statement about our political system and how the president is elected. Marketers need to study political campaigns because these are classic world-class brand studies. In every political cycle, a large group of candidates first appears. Only one can be selected. Candidates need to quickly distinguish themselves from other political disciplines. Americans are not stupid. American elections are an example of the wisdom of the crowd. To be elected, a candidate must show that he or she, unlike other candidates, can do a much better job than others in the field if elected. To win the President of the United States, candidates need to be experts in brand awareness, value proposition, and brand positioning. Winning the president is the same as creating a new product and branding it to succeed in the market. That’s why it’s important to study Barack Obama’s social media strategy. Barack Obama is similar to the small business that makes products, but with significant restrictions on name and capital recognition. In the old media, companies couldn’t afford to run large advertising campaigns to build their brand. Social media has changed that. Social media has caused the “worst case”. To create a brand, marketers need to have size and presence. Many people need to know about your product, and marketers need to be able to engage with many at the exact time when a purchase decision needs to be made. Social media allows marketers to do just that. Perhaps a quarter of the world’s population belongs to the social media perspective, and most of the major social media platforms are integrated. From this perspective, marketers can observe what consumers are doing during the day. This detection allows marketers to target individual consumers who are interested in their products. Marketers are now able to respond to people at the exact time the purchase is made. Barack Obama was one of the first major marketers to understand the tremendous communication, database management, and tracking capabilities offered by social media marketers. Barack Obama realized that many “touchpoints” could involve a large number of people at once. Barak had no recognition or money for his name when he started the campaign. Hillary Clinton had both. Barak understood the power of social media platforms to unleash marketers. He realized better than anyone that his limits were small. Barak found that a social media platform provided him with the tools he needed to build a big brand almost overnight. Prior to the Obama campaign, social media was considered just that, the social network. It’s a place where you can play with your friends, share photos, and have fun. The Howard Dean campaign used social media to raise money in 2004, but it wasn’t as big as Barack Obama. The Baracks campaign was not a fluke. His campaign on social media had goals, plans and objectives. Barak is this person