Passover: Bursting Through Your Enemies

You are about experiencing the greatest deliverance of your life. You won’t forget this season. Never! We are heading into Passover Festival week and the LORD is about repeating the same things he did in Egypt and in the lives of your family members. God will bring us out of our physical, spiritual emotional and financial slavering. He will smite our adversaries along with their conspirators, as well as gas boiler service near me their gods. You have stayed enough in the situation, and it’s clear that it’s an incredibly powerful, divine decree like that of the Passover night that can stop your adversaries. Yes, God is God of patience, love and peace, but he is also God conveyancers of vengeance and war. He is God of mercy, as well as God of judgment. He forgives the repentant and also punishes those who are recalcitrant. We choose his side that we wish to experience through our actions and attitude. If he offers the carrot and you decline it or take him and his word for granted Then he offers the stick. He tried everything to convince Pharaoh and the Egyptians to allow the Israelites go, however, they did not take advantage of chances and misconstrued his appeals as insecurity. Israel has spent nearly four hundred years in Egypt according to the word from the Lord to Abraham. When the time was complete God gave Moses and Aaron to inform the king of Egypt to let his people go, “… I have definitely been witness to the suffering of My people in Egypt and I have given the cries of their people in the face of their taskmasters since I am aware their troubles. So I’ve come down to free them from the power of the Egyptians and to take them back to a pleasant and wide area, to a place full of honey and milk and honey, in the land that is the home of Canaanite and Hittite and the Amorite and the Perizzite, as well as the Hivite as well as the Jebusite. “Now, look, the cries of the sons of Israel has reached me and I’ve seen the oppression with which the Egyptians are oppressing them.” Exodus 3:7-9.

Wow! Did you actually read that? My God! Yes, you have stayed in that affliction long enough. That’s not enough. He’s listened to them oppress and oppress you over the past several years. He said that he has seen your affliction as well as your tears, labour and sufferings, the wrath and cruelty of your adversaries and was able to hear your cry, and is now ready to give your needs with a strong hand. Praise God! The Egyptians weren’t just servant masters of Israelites but were taskmasters and destiny killers determined to keep the people of God bound forever. The tremendous growth, multiplicity and prosperity was a cause of anxiety for the Egyptians. They were worried that the Israelites could overtake their population and then take over their territory. So, they tried everything to protect the Israelites from suppression, forced labour, slavery as well as brutality, even the elimination. They appointed brutal taskmasters to take over labor and destroy the spirit and the courage of the Hebrews. Pharaoh order the midwives to take the lives of the Hebrew male infants who were born however, the LORD granted them the courage to defy him. He again gave the Egyptians as well as all the Israelites to throw the Hebrew new born boys in the Nile and the Almighty maneuvered the situation to save and prepare the baby’s deliverer. The same crocodile-infested Nile which was supposed to serve as a grave for the new babies became a protector as well as a bridge to the palace for one of the babies. God has always been in complete control. He always uses the plan of the enemy to allow us to progress. Remember, the baby Moses was put in a basket by the bank of the river and that was where the princess of the King was able to see him and then adopted him. He was well-trained and equipped at the palace to perform his work that he came for. He was able to master all the techniques of Egypt and was able to speak up, stand in front of and even confront them. The Lord our God is a great planner! He walked you through to help you prepare for your destiny and what is about to happen in your life. True.

You are now completely free from the sway of the enemy. There is always a time for everything. It is the time to seek freedom. This is your chance to escape. It’s the time for manifestation. It is the time to regain the things you’ve lost. This is the time to peace from all the struggles and sufferings. It’s the perfect time to be delivered from those spiritual, physical and emotional sufferings and oppression by Satan as well as demons and evil both women and men. It is the perfect time to allow God to show his supreme power and power over you and through your circumstance. He will stop those that have been attacking you for no reason at all. It is time to stop your nightly sighs and endless arguing. He is about to show your adversaries that only he can make the final decision in every aspect. Yes, it’s time for you to get saved. This is the right time to allow your shame to be completely erased off and for your glory to be restored. With a strong hand, the LORD will deliver you. Your Passover has started! We will continue. Please share this message.