Online Blogging – How to Make Money From Your Blogs

Blogging is a big business today. Especially considering that many people enter the Internet blog business. However, creating a blog online is one thing, and making money from it. Many bloggers find it easy to create a beautifully designed blog, but find it difficult to make decent money for every effort they make. This report presents seven simple techniques you can use to make money online from your blog. 1. Advertising

The first of these techniques you can use to make money from your blog is through advertising. Posting regularly and getting your blog a little bigger can get a fair amount of traffic and popularity. You can also use it to receive great offers from various companies to advertise your products on your blog. You can also use an ad management script or a service such as AdBrite to place a square box that says “Ads are here” in the sidebar. Depending on the popularity and page rank of your blog, you can charge someone a fixed amount of about $ 100 or more per month for such ads. You can also register your blog with your Google AdSense account to start receiving Google ads on your blog. You can also use these ad networks such as Chitika, Bidvertiser and Clicksore.t.c.

2. Affiliate program

Another technique involves logging in to an affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative way to make a lot of money from the traffic your blog receives. You can sell another product related to your blog’s niche or topic. You will be paid a certain percentage of commission for your sales efforts. The best way to sell is to write a review of your affiliate product on your blog or view your product recommendations in the sidebar of your blog.
Alternatively, you can include affiliate links, banners, and images provided by the product owner. This is a list of the most important sites where you can find affiliate marketing products to promote from your blog:

3.3. Pay Per Lead Program

Affiliate marketing can generate good income from the traffic your blog receives, but not everyone who visits your blog can buy the product. Don’t really be surprised if only 5% of your traffic buys your affiliate product (it’s still good). A better way to take advantage of the traffic coming to your blog is to sign up for a paid app. Many companies on the Internet are willing to pay for every action that people (traffic) send to a website, such as filling out forms, registering for products, entering personal data (email address, name), etc. increase. All you have to do is log in to these companies’ affiliate / associate / partner accounts, get their links, banner ads and post these links or banner ads on your blog. You can imagine how much revenue you would make if 50% of your traffic clicked on a blog link and performed some simple actions such as entering an email address or name (for some pay-per-view programs). It costs only $ 5 to $ 100).

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The top internet companies offering pay-per-view programs are ($ 85), ($ 5), ($ 20- $ 100) and ($ 12 / lead).

4. Check the product
A good technique that works well for making money from your blog is to review various business products on your blog. If your blog has enough traffic, you can register for a site that offers this service. Generally, you need to write a product review or a small article to get paid. Below is a list of sites that you pay to review your product.
i) Payment by mail
ii) Smarty
iii) Check me
iv) Sponsor reviews

5.5. Sell ​​your own information products

One of the fastest ways to make money from a blog is to sell your own information products such as ebooks, videos and sounds. From your blog. Unlike affiliate programs, you can keep 100% of your income with your own information products. If you can’t create your own product, you can get another person’s product resale rights and sell it at 100% profit. You can try They offer resale rights information products for sale from blogs and websites. 6. Donate

A unique way to make money from your blog is to install a donate button. You can install a donate button on your blog to get donations from blog visitors. Many bloggers use scripts to place donation buttons to win donations from visitors. Some bloggers may find this technique a bit embarrassing, but if your blog provides valuable content and useful information to your readers, visitors will enjoy reading your blog. Donate as they show their appreciation by providing such help. Install a PayPal or credit card donation button that allows you to donate your visitors via PayPal or credit card.
7. Flipping Blog:

This is a very popular method among many internet marketers. With this technique, you can create blogs, gain popularity through large-scale promotions, and use backlink techniques in your blog content (articles and posts) to generate heavy traffic. Then they browse (sell) your blog at a very high price. These are some of the most popular markets for selling your blog.

Sedo Auction: You can sell your blog for free on Sedo, but if you find a blog buyer, you will be charged a 10% commission.
SitePoint Auction-This is probably the most popular place to buy and sell established blogs (with content). Buyers are interested in decent Google PageRank, backlinks, and even blogs with revenue streams. You have to pay a small fee to list your site on SitePoint, but the offer is usually serious.
EBay Website Auctions-Because eBay has a large user base, the list of websites is open to a much larger number of users. EBay auctions are usually indexed by search engines, so if you have a detailed description list, you can also expect buyers from search engines. The downside is that you may have to deal with false or unwanted bidders, and eBay charges a fee for sale. Other sites you can consider selling your blog are and DigitalPoint.