Multiple APK Support Helps Android App Developers

It’s a good news for Android application developers because it will allow you to offer applications in a broader variety of the company’s hardware. This new change is one of the Google’s important efforts to address the problems experienced with fragmentation. Multiple versions of the same application can now be combined into an Android list. The previous rule only allowed an APK by listing products.

The advantage of loading multiple versions of an APK is that each version can approach another niche of its clients. The different versions share the same package name, but contain coding intended for different versions available on the Android platform, various screen sizes and GL texture compression formats. The correct APK is delivered to the client, according to the signatures and the characteristics of the user apparatus.

The initial reports of this new detection of market devices originated last month in the web version of Google Android Market. Users simply go to the web browser and log in and then select the application they want to install.

This system then verifies the compatibility of the chosen application and the hardware specified in the user’s configuration. Approved applications will be a green message saying “This program is compatible with your device” or a yellow message that says “This program is not compatible with your device”. Visit:-

Now, Android application developers will provide the ability to provide bonus versions that are compatible and within the same offer, instead of disruption of the market with various offers that ultimately confuse the user.

Multiple Support APK will give the developer more options to control your application distribution. More noticeable, a developer can create a separate APK for smartphones and tablets in the same list. To take advantage of the new API or hardware capabilities without drastic your client base should be seen as an important benefit to provide Android market for application developers.

There was no established date for the introduction of the new Android market application, but the filtered versions have cut online to load and install. Google has announced plans to reveal a completely new application of Android market that allows customers to buy books or rent movies from their tablets, smartphones and appliances.

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