LED Street Lights Save Money and Help the Environment

With the rapid advancements being made in the field of semiconductor technology, LEDs are becoming the perfect choice for street and other outdoor areas. Because of their long lifespan with uniform brightness and lighting, LEDs represent the next generation of lighting. This cutting-edge technology delivers the most luminosity and consumes less energy than conventional street lighting.

As a result, LEDs are fast becoming one of the most affordable, environmental friendly, and energy savings products on the market. They are extremely cost-effective with costs dropping up to 50 percent and designed to maximize energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Visit:- http://trudendien.com/

The rapid development of this technology offers outstanding quality and efficiency, making it very likely that LEDs will replace traditional lighting techniques in some time.

One way to save money and our environment through the replacement of old street lights by new LED lights: City of Ann Arbor, Michigan, this year installed 58 LED light fixtures in some rental housing areas near the University. Ann Arbor was looking at ways to enhance lighting in the area while keeping costs as low as is feasible. The new street lighting fixtures are anticipated to reduce energy bills by 50 percent and cut carbon dioxide emissions. Since Ann Arbor will be saving about $6,000 annually on their energy bills, the cost for these street lighting fixtures will be paid for in just 4 years.

Ann Arbor has made a conscious effort to switch their outdoor lights to LED street lighting since the year 2006. The city has installed more 1,300 LED lights since and has hundreds more planned for the next few years.

Technology that uses LEDs is the most efficient solution for cities. It can help save them substantial sums of money, decrease carbon dioxide emissions, and dramatically reduce maintenance costs since LED street lights usually don’t require maintenance for a period of 10 years. Street lighting that is conventional is gone in most cities, and many private land owners are now changing to the latest technology at a rapid pace.

As LEDs are highly versatile they are able to be utilized in a variety of lighting purposes and deliver maximum light output and energy savings. Apart from streets and roadways, LEDs can be utilized to light parking spaces, narrow alleyways gas stations, and other public areas that require no maintenance. Making the switch to LEDs is clearly the most responsible green option. Its installation will help to make the world a better place.