How to Advertise Blogs Using Blog Directories

If you have an online blog and you want to make it big across the internet to attract a lot of people to read your blog, there is a chance that it’s becoming harder to do so because of the increasing competition online.

However, if you advertise your blog in a proper way, dominating niches is not that difficult, provided you are working hard and working smart.

Two ways to market your blog

With Internet power Internet today, you’re being able to promote your blog in numerous ways. For instance, you can take part in forums and then promote your blog via your signature or even act as an expert in solving problems for people with a specific issue that you can solve with your post. Another option is to promote your blog via mailing list. Similar to the way you promoted your blog in forums, you can impart your knowledge and experience through mailing list. Both of these strategies can promote and drive a lot of traffic to your blog.

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Advertise Your Blog In Blogging directory

It is also recommended that you submit your blog to different directories of blogging for your blog’s visitors to visit your blog.

Similar to what Google did when they added your website in their index, you can place your blog on different blogging directories to extend your blog exposure. There are several directories for blogging which offer paid or free services. It’s up to you to decide which one you’d like. If you don’t have any money, or want to try a blog directory first, submitting your blog to the free blogging directory is an option to start.

How to maximise the value of your blog’s post?

If you’re looking to maximize the result of your submission it is recommended to submit your blog under the most suitable categories or terms that can be searched. So, users can filter and categorize your blog in a simple manner and you’ll be able to gain readers who appreciate your work as opposed to an average reader who will wanders through.

How can you submit your blog to directories of online blogging?

As said before, you can choose those directories that are free to list at the beginning. There are numerous directories for blogging that are available, so you do not have to worry that you don’t have a blogging directory. Furthermore, instead, of submitting your blog’s information to a one directory for blogging it is recommended to submit it to four or five directories as different readers may have their own preferences on a the blogging directory, and you don’t want to lose any potential readers. This can also be a means to make your blog more visible and yourself as wide as is possible.

Learn your blog’s keyword

Before submitting your blog’s information to blogging directory, you should be crystal clear about the keywords for your blog should be. It is because people will search for keywords to locate your blog. It’s hard to not be frustrated is to search for a specific information source and you discover that the results are not the information you are looking for. Imagine what the reader feels after reading your blog, but the content does not match what they are looking for. It is not a good idea to make this type of error.

How can you lure viewers to your website

In the case of content, just imagine the number of bloggers who don’t even bother to check if their content is readable or not! Make your blog content readable while your site should also be a site that’s worth visiting repeatedly. For example, you have to verify your spelling and sentences that are at least able to make sense to your reader. So, get your blog accessible to the whole world before submitting to the blogging directory.

Learn the rules of directories of blogging

Although submitting your blog’s information to the blogging directory is simple, you may not wish to violate their guidelines when you do your submission. If you’re not certain, read their terms of service, FAQ or about page and you’re good to go. So follow and respect their rules when advertising your blog.