Guest Blogging – A Warm Up to Your Success

The most frequent reason to employ guest bloggers is when the person who runs the blog is on vacation or is in a different way engaged that prevents them from writing on their regular schedule. There’s an even better reason to use guest bloggers, they could serve as your warm-up act!

Maybe there’s a particular field that you’d like your blog to explore.

You can start a discussion on this specialist field by giving a brief description of where you intend to take your readers, whether it is mastering Twitter or producing video content for YouTube. An even more effective introduction can be provided by an specialist in this field, invite them to create a guest blog on their path to success in this area.

This might be instructive or sad for your readers, so your next blog post should to express gratitude to the guest and highlight how you plan to bring your readers to that next level!

Thanks to your guest blogger you now have an entire field of topics to investigate and all the content is written out for you to explore. Visit:-

Plus the fact that both you as well as your readers are on the same journey, means your posts will become a discussion of progress as a team rather than you telling them about yourself. Both of you are new to this topic so the amount of comments as well as your responses will rise significantly.

You are now actively engaging with your readers.

If you ever get stuck on a particular part of your journey it is possible to invite your guest to cover this element in more specific detail. This will be determined by the progress you make and the feedback you receive.

These issues are now advantages because you now have content for a new webpage on your website. The main page is still for your readers who ‘get what your guest stated and can get there without any major difficulties. The new page is designed to be explored and to overcome hurdles that you and your team have encountered.

The importance of the journal is that for the above method to work, you must write down all your victories as well as your blunders and emotions during your journey. This will be your resource material to help your readers on their journey, there is in any journey common stages where people are overwhelmed with the options or the decisions that need to be taken. They are likely to be those areas where your readers will need help and you already have the solution written down. This is an excellent way to increase your standing as it proves that you’ve made the journey and are not just making it up!

Why would someone who is successful be interested in writing for your blog?

If you’ve ever been to a conference of like minded individuals, you might be aware that there is a definite feel of equality throughout the air. This is not the place to find the lazy sales representatives trying to bolster their own pockets. The successful realize that there is enough opportunity and opportunity in the market for those who are struggling to get ahead. Therefore, they are not concerned in helping others overcome obstacles. Naturally, by helping you they expect you to acknowledge your achievements which in turn enhances their image.

Perhaps because of their success they’ve realized that having a blog is an additional opportunity to keep their name prominently in the news and to be recognized as the expert in their field. This is the reason they are more than happy to provide posts for your blog, however, it could also mean allowing them a free promotion of their latest product.