Funny Ferret Facts

Ferrets are the most flexible bones that allow them to fit into tiny spaces that will make you wonder, “He went through that hole?” They can be squeezed into tiny holes of one inch and even spaces under cabinets, in holes in furniture and walls, behind and under appliances, through window frames vents, mail boxes, vents pet doors, fireplace grates, screens, and even dampers. Be sure to repair holes using duct tape until something durable will be able to permanently block the hole. The funny thing about ferrets is they can squeeze in, but they cannot just escape!

Ferrets are fond of climbing up couches, chairs and scratch on the pillows and couches, only to find that moments later, they’re asleep. Recliners are the most common cause of death of ferrets due to the fact that they could climb inside and be hit by recliners. It is best not to keep them in your home, but should you have them, make sure it is away from the curious ferret. Make sure it is upright at all times, even when not making use of it. Keep stereos and sound systems off and away from reach. Also, do not use a rocking chair when they are out of the cage, playing or exploring their ways around. Keep in mind that in an eye of ferrets, everything is a toy. Visit:-

Shut off all electrical appliances because they could cause electric shocks. Be sure that they don’t have access to wiring or insulation, motors, fan blades or any moving components. They might see these as fantastic toys or mobile objects to ride on and then end up in an accident.

A funny thing about ferrets is that they’re just too smart to open refrigerator and cabinet doors once they have learned how to. This is how intelligent ferrets are. They love to research just about everything and figure out how to navigate it. They also enjoy playing with cables and electrical wires, so ensure they’re out of ferrets’ reach. Outlets that are exposed can be toys for ferrets , so make sure that they are covered.

Do not allow them access to the laundry area. There are ferrets that would simply dive into an operating washer and splash around with the water, clothes and bubbles. So make sure that these are not in the reach of your pet too. Plastic bags found in the kitchen can be a great fun and adventure full of toys for ferrets as well. Be sure to keep an eye on your ferret while playing with plastic bags as this could lead to suffocation.

Eliminate toxic chemicals from the ferret’s reach, too. Ferrets will get into any deep thing and so you should also proof your toilets too. Keep them safe, and make sure that they don’t touch the soap as this can be dangerous for them as well.

Ferrets are fond of pushing their way through a toilet roll, therefore make sure to keep them away from their reach.
Ferrets don’t have the ability to fall into their feet after falling. Don’t allow them access to places that are high. It might look funny, but it could be dangerous for your precious pets. Ferrets are also fond of kissing, especially when they are with another ferret, regardless of gender. It might appear like human kissing, but in reality it is part of the natural grooming process that is instinctual to ferrets.