Crunch Time – Michelle Bridges

Wow! Michelle Or Mish as she is affectionately known as, is strong. She’s also very inspirational. Although we think of her as always healthy however, there’s lots of effort that goes into this. She’s not just in a solitary position. Regular training, watching the food you eat, and a healthy outlook on life are all part of it.

I believe that the way Australians perceive their lives has drastically changed since we were young. I was telling my daughter recently that in the 80’s the men didn’t wear shirts at the beach or for shopping. She was horrified, however there were few overweight people back then.

Everyone woke up early and got our chores done. The kids all played outside and only watched only one show per day. Our school days included physical activity that everyone took part in. After school, we played outdoors riding bikes or ran, but always in motion. The weekends were filled with adventures, and a big group would get out and take part in something. We ate only because we were invited by our parents to get a refuel before we were at it again. Visit:-

Now, fast forward to 2010’s and not just the kids as well as the adults graze all day and never leave the home. As a nation, we are becoming more and less active. We’ll die earlier than ever before because of our lifestyles, which are entirely our own fault.

Michelle shows us through her unassuming approach that we should take responsibility. Everything from calorie-counting to workout programs are streamlined to allow even the beginners to open the book and start reading. As a community we need to start again as the whole generation will to be outlived by our parents if we do not take action.

I enjoy watching shows on weight loss because they are so inspiring. If someone who weighs fifty kilograms overweight can find the drive, so can I. This is where Crunch Time comes in.

It is a requirement to look at the place we’re from, why we have taken on weight and what needs to change. The solution to back ground issues will ensure that the mental transformation helps us to carry on. I am a huge fan of the food, exercise journals and case studies to give it all a real-life feel.

There are other examples of exercise and food mistakes that we make every day, thinking we’re making healthy route, even though we’re putting more stress on ourselves.

Michelle aims to help us all shed much weight in the shortest time possible to begin again. With her 12-week program, everyone can follow, it is possible to achieve intense and dramatic results if we truly want to. I am thrilled with it.

Brenda Mitchell is a Head of Department for Property Management and currently in her sixth year of real estate, she is passionate about the business and strives to find innovative ways to support and guide her team to maximize their potential.