Chinatown Wars For DS Exceeds Expectations

I didn’t have the highest expectations for this game based on the success and high expectations of the whole Grand Theft Auto series; it was very difficult to try and understand what they could do to bring Grand Theft Auto to the Nintendo DS platform. Simply put it this way, I was made to eat my words. The game is of the high-end quality that you’d would expect from a Grand Theft Auto series; with gta 5 apk no doubt, you could say it’s the best of the series to date.

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars is based on its protagonist, Huang Lee, who has returned to Liberty City in order to deliver the sword back to his uncle Kenny. However, on the route to deliver it, the sword is stolen from the player and he’s put to the side as dead. This time, Huang Lee has to find the sword and cause chaos across Liberty City.

The graphics of the game aren’t the kind you’d expect on the Nintendo DS console; they are more appealing. The cut scenes of the game look authentic and the simple images make them fun to view. Instead of sitting watching the cut scenes every single time even if you’re not interested in the storyline it’s nice and to simply avoid the cut scenes. Although the game itself isn’t 2D however, it is a step into the realms of 3D game play , which demonstrates the progress they’ve been in achieving on this Nintendo DS platform. The map used in the game is the same as the one you’ll see in Grand Theft Auto 4, that for regular Grand Theft Auto players makes the game nice and relatable, in addition to making it easy to navigate around the city.

The touch screen in the Nintendo DS brings a new aspect to the game Grand Theft Auto; it isn’t just empty, like in different Nintendo DS games I have played. Touch screens are where you can find your location, and where you will find your instructions, which allows you to complete tattoos or do scratch cards. It lets you choose your weapon or to throw petrol bottles that you’ve already filled by using the Nintendo DS touch screen. A lot of fun is created by the touch screen as it lets you participate present in the game and actually performing the actions that are required to be completed. Though, as you imagine using the keypads on the Nintendo serve as the primary means to control the game, every key is used and each key is needed to carry out a particular action. The convenience of using the keys makes the game more enjoyable. The control of the character on foot, in a vehicle, boat, etc. is easy to maneuver due to the buttons of the Nintendo DS.

The game’s gameplay Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars is as violent as the previous game titles from the same series. The screams of pedestrians or crashing of the automobiles is as exciting like if you were playing Grand Theft Auto on any other platform. However, the most enjoyable aspect of the game should be the cop chases. Just like in every other Grand Theft Auto game you can continue driving to eventually escape the police. But the new feature is that you can attempt to destroy the cop cars chasing after you. For example, if you have two stars you would have to take out two cop vehicles to bring yourself down to a single star level. This extra level of aggression makes the game far more exciting, and not just trying to run away and cover yourself!

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars is everything you’d like and want from a Grand Theft Auto game; but now it’s portable. Trying to find fault with this game is virtually impossible; from its narrative to its game playing, it’s flawless. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Grand Theft Auto player already or not this game is worth adding into your library.