Cave City, Kentucky – Gateway to Cave Country

Although it is located in one of the country’s most well-known national parks There aren’t any glass and steel condominiums, cafes or traffic congestion. Cave City still retains its beautiful, Kentucky-hill ambience. There are a variety of hotels and gold arches on interstate highways, however Cave City’s main attractions are an adorable illustration of a ticky-tacky tourist. We stopped in Cave City during a recent Mammoth Cave visit.

When we left the freeway, the Guntown Mountain/WildWest Attraction was the first stop we made. It offered cable car rides, a Ferris wheel and cave tours. There were mini golf courses and bumper boats on the way towards the park. A pay-per-fishing pond was nothing more than a mud pond. The larger than life-sized statues depicted a hound who was following her husband around with an elevated pan. There was an alpine slide as well as horse stables in the vicinity. The most bizarre of them all was the Golgotha theme park. It was home to three wooden crosses, and was set in a go-cart course. Each hole on the mini golf course was marked by tombstones. Visit:-

The rock shops were located closer to the park, and they sold geodes that you could cut yourself, arrowheads, as well as fossils. They also sold vibrant pieces made of glass slag, which were regarded as exotic artifacts. Every gift shop had souvenir shot glasses, tiny silver spoons, and tiny bells made of silver. They also offered salt and pepper shakers that were commemorative and rulers, as well as key chains, coffee mugs banners, as well as other products bearing Kentucky or Mammoth cave designs. Each had coal carvings, corncob pipes, and sugar-smoked Hams.

We were charged a dollar to gain access to a curtained entryway to the back of the shop. It took us to a museum, which contained decaying remains of exotic, domestic, and animals that were stuffed. A coyote from the east scoured its quarry behind the glass in one of the exhibits. The animal was sad, unloved squirrel with its stiff legs pointed upwards and its back pointing upwards. The museum was situated across the street, and it included replicas of historical figures such as presidents, actors and the entire actors from the Lastsupper. There were numerous cave-tour billboards. Wigwam Motel was also in operation with 15 concrete teepees facing the highway in semicircles.

It’s remarkable that it is so amazing that when America is away on vacation, dad plans to take his children to historical sites and natural marvels. All they want to do is play mini golf. They were there. The car of the family, stuffed with all the necessary equipment to travel across the globe was parked at the road’s edge. The occupants were playing miniature golf with the blades of the miniature mill. Dad was a bit annoyed with the fact that he was playing miniature golf in the largest cave in the world however he may have just wanted them to get off the vehicle for a while.

In a way, The Cave City newspaper was called The Progress and it was a positive indicator of the state of health in small-town Kentucky. The Cave City news reported that instead of sexy personal ads in big cities, Bill and Bertha Henry went out for a cup of coffee and dessert at the Horse Cave Cafe after seeing the Horse Cave Theater show last Wednesday evening. According to the reports, they enjoyed their evening to the fullest.

The issue also contained ads for the various local churches, and an agenda of the most well-known gospel groups in the region. There were announcements for the Cave City Kids Parade, engagement, wedding and anniversary announcements, as also the outcomes of the Children’s Beauty Pageant organized by the fire department’s volunteer firefighters. Bobby Thornton was shown holding the flathead catfish that weighed 23 pounds that was caught in Nolin Reservoir. Fluffy, Fluffy and Bubba Robertson were also featured.

I received a notice of the annual celebration of the city known as the Cave City Floyd Collins Good Ole Days. The event took place on over the second weekend in August. The festivities included a black bean supper as well as lawn mower pulls, and face painting performed by the Groove Grinders band. Archie as well as Junior are also playing the Irish fiddle and guitar. The festival included a kids’ peddle pull, an outdoor race, a cow patties bingo and chip toss, as well being the Barren River Cloggers. The event also included an animal show, a Caveman Choir antique tractor pulls, and fun for adults. I’m not sure what adult fun contests include. It was clear that Cave City and Floyd Collins Good Ole Days offered an event for everyone. Cave City is a must-see when you are planning to visit Mammoth Cave.